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To ensure that your company's cloud initiatives complement and enhance your strategic objectives, starting with a clear strategy is essential. At Delegate, we begin by understanding your unique vision and then apply our expertise in Azure cloud consulting to drive digital transformation and ensure business growth. We are dedicated to delivering advice and solutions that optimize current processes and scale as your business evolves. With an agile approach, we adapt to your changing needs and ensure you achieve the desired, data-driven results that support your organization's long-term goals.

What problem do we solve?

In a time when digitalization and data-driven business models are paramount, many companies face challenges in translating their cloud projects into tangible business value. At Delegate, we offer advice based on best practice experience to ensure that your Azure cloud project is organizationally anchored and supports your strategic goals. From start-up to execution, we help create a solid foundation through governance and environment clarification, guaranteeing a safe and efficient implementation process. Our expertise in developing robust and scalable solutions ensures that your project is not just an isolated effort but an integral part of your company's path to digital transformation.


We transform the complex aspects of cloud implementation into solutions that create real business value. We clarify your company's journey towards digitalization and help identify data-driven business potential. Using methods such as Value Stream and Business Value Mapping, we facilitate process optimization and digitalization, leading to measurable results. Our agile approach ensures we continuously adapt and develop solutions to your organization's changing needs. With our help and advice, you can realize your strategy, manage your portfolio, and achieve strategic alignment and organizational development.

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