Dynamics 365 Migration

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Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration

Delegate help you through the entire process from deliberation, inspiration, analysis, planning, the actual migration, and, finally, educational adoption of the new solution.

At Delegate, we have extensive experience with migration from on-premises D365 solutions to online clouds. This means that we have continuously refined and improved our approach to this type of project over time. In addition, it has also led to a close and good dialogue with the Microsoft Fasttrack team in Redmond, US, which has resulted in Delegate becoming a Microsoft Migration Partner. In short, Delegate has a permanently attached Fasttrack Senior Architect involved in our migrations, from planning to execution. Ultimately, it ensures a robust, cost-effective and secure migration of our customers.

A migration with D365 will optimize your access to data and create a 360-degree overview. This will provide a greater overview and streamline the work with customer management – especially in the sales department. Your solution will always be up-to-date, as you will automatically get the latest features and updates when they are rolled out.
The vision behind Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform is to make it easier to create solutions and workflows supporting everyday life.

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Why Migrate With Dynamics 365 Cloud?

One simple reason why you should migrate from on-premises to cloud with Dynamics 365 is to elevate your business-critical systems to new heights and increase security. You do this by collecting your data and business-critical solutions in the cloud. In the cloud, a migration solution will streamline your company’s value chain by utilizing the latest and greatest opportunities and solutions in the cloud.  

In the cloud, you will gain many benefits, which will enhance your business opportunities. Your business will have improved security and increased scalability, where it is possible to increase and reduce as needed, flexibility, freed up IT resources, increase in the possibilities of combining data across systems, better collaboration and productivity, and much more.  

A migration with Dynamics 365 is a future-proof investment, as you will get significant savings on costs for, among other things, resources, maintenance, updates, servers and more. You will only pay for the cloud resources you use. You avoid having to pay for both maintenance and unutilized data capacity. As demand increases, you can increase storage space and resources, so data capacity is constantly tailored to your current needs.  

Migration and Adoption

The migration of the actual installation to D365 CE online constitutes three main tracks: data migration, integrations as well as configurations. The three tracks contain a number of checkpoints and tasks that Delegate’s migration workflow secure in order to avoid surprises. At Delegate, we always use Microsoft’s FastTrack for data migration. It is a proven process, and it is even free.

D365 CE is not 1:1 the same regarding the on-premises solutions and, therefore, it is important to uncover the differences and how the use of new functionality can replace old adaptations or support workflows even better. This is done together with the users of the solution. This ensures focus on the users’ needs and, just as important, anchoring when the new solution is to be adopted. Depending on the organization and resources of our customers, the go-live process is adapted to ensure the best possible start of the new solution. Depending on our customers’ installation, Microsoft might support the actual migration task financially.

Once the solution is up and running, Delegate offers Business Continuity, which is a proactive support and consulting service ensuring that the solution stays up to date, helps with new releases, or takes care of minor changes.

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