IoT makes up a Significant Part of the Future of your Business

Maybe IoT (or, Internet of Things) is already a part of your everyday life, but in the future, it will also be a part of your business.

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IoT is a term for the kind of technology that makes ordinary physical devices and products digital by connecting them to the Internet. By using sensors, you can collect specific data from a device, and you can use the knowledge gained to optimize the business and create a digital universe around the chosen device or product.

IoT is wide-ranging, and, in principle, all companies can use the technology. You know your industry best and can probably think of several areas where IoT will be able to make a difference. The challenge is not to come up with fun or exciting IoT projects. Rather, it is to ensure that they provide real value for your company in the form of optimized processes, better utilization of resources, and an improved balance sheet.

A very concrete example is the trash can that automatically notifies you when it needs to be emptied. It is the feed trough in the pigsty that automatically notifies you when it needs to be filled up. And it is the alarm system connected to cameras and thermostats that automatically transmits a message when the given product needs attention or service.

It is a technology already exploited in healthcare, in the insurance industry, in transportation, production, and supply. The “Smart Home” is also powered by IoT.

See examples of our solutions with IoT

ISS: An Optimal Workplace Using IoT Data
Delegate has, in close collaboration with Microsoft and ISS, created an IoT data platform that uses IoT technology to provide insight into factors that affect the comfort of the workplace, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and noise levels, monitors the use and availability of rooms and collects information on waste to reduce the CO2 footprint. With a data-driven approach, ISS is always ensured an optimal working environment in their buildings for the benefit of their customers and the environment.

Clever: Business growth through sustainable mobility
Delegate and Clever have started the development of a new CPMS, where Delegate has used Azure technologies to provide a framework to connect IoT sensors to each charging station to provide data insights for software implementations.

IoT connects fleet and administration
Another very concrete example of IoT is in connection with fleet management, where the use of IoT devices with radio transmitters and GPS can give transport companies and customers higher transparency with real-time tracking. Using AI and Machine Learning, time and fuel consumption can be optimized by collecting data on driving patterns and traffic conditions. It also allows the customer to compete on price and service.

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Your Imagination Is the Only Limit to Your IoT Project

IoT is smart use of data, and regardless of industry, the possibilities are nigh on endless. Only the imagination sets the limits. Examples of IoT use:

  • IoT sensors in the road surface are used to measure the temperature in the road, so slippery roads are dealt with when they occur. This saves resources and, at the same time, it protects the environment. It is an IoT solution that is already being seen in several municipalities.
  • The smart thermostat ensures that the heat in a building is always as you wish. You can set the thermostat yourself, so it only heats the house when someone is at home. The thermostat can also measure how high the flow-and-return temperatures in your district heating system are. Utility is automatically notified, so they can lower the temperature in the entire district heating network. This saves both the consumers and the supplier a lot of money.
  • Alarm systems connected to cameras, smoke alarms, the water pump, and the front door are some of the IoT solutions that are available in the private home, the public sector, and Danish companies. If something is out of order, a direct message is sent to your phone or to a switchboard.
  • IoT can also be used in agricultural production, where sensors in the stables collect data from feeding machines and chip units from the animals. The collected data is used to give farmers an overview, so they can control feeding, irrigation, temperature, and light, without having to do it all manually. It ensures optimal living and growth conditions for animals and crops. With Art Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the data collected enables the farmer to act before problems arise.
  • IoT is also used in transport & logistics. An example is monitoring of refrigerated containers on cargo ships, where temperature, humidity and CO2 level can be monitored in real-time. It ensures that a message is sent if, for example, there is a power outage. In this way, spoiled food is avoided, and preventive maintenance can be performed on parts and equipment before problems arise, which would otherwise force trucks and ships into long-term and costly repairs.

Get off to a Good Start With IoT

Our best advice is to start by looking at your needs and goals. Where are you going? Are there business-critical processes and workflows that can be optimized?

By doing so, you can start your IoT adventure based on your business needs. This ensures coherence with your goals, meaning there is a relevant starting point for the new technology while guaranteeing the employee commitment that is so important for new projects.

Delegate has been appointed Digital Transformation Partner by Microsoft for delivering an IoT solution to a major global transportation organization. The solution contributes to continuous optimization of their ships’ performance through an interactive Microsoft Azure IoT solution using Machine Learning visualized in Microsoft’s analysis tool, Power BI.

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