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Efficient Day-to-day Operations with Field Service

Your future is digital. Your Field Service should be so too. We make sure you and your employees reach your goals safely.

Field Service Helps You Complete Your Tasks Properly First Time

The benefits of bringing your company’s field service into the digital space are plenty. You get resource management, service planning, route planning, and much more in a joint solution across your organization.
Today, most people are used to doing things digitally. We shop, book meetings, plan playdates for the kids, take pictures, manage personal finances, and so on directly from our smartphones and computers – things that, just a few years ago, would have been unthinkable to do digitally.

So why did your company’s field service not evolve along with the rest of the digital world? In most cases, it’s a completely natural step for your customers, service technicians, customer service as well as the sales, marketing, and inventory departments. Maybe you are already receiving complaints from technicians, when they have to keep track of handwritten worksheets or from customer service agents who have to deal with unhappy customers. Customers who are annoyed to hear that they have to be home between 8AM and 4PM waiting for a visit from a service technician.

With Field Service, you ensure that tasks are solved properly at the right time by the right technician. You also save time and money on necessary spare parts, working hours, and driving time, as these will always be invoiced and registered accurately. And since Field Service is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the solution works with the data you already have in Dynamics.

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Go From Reactive to Proactive With Connected Field Service

Digitalizing your field service is part of the future for any service-oriented company. And if you want to stay ahead, you need to take your digital field service one step further. You can do that with IoT, data, and Connected Field Service.

Connected Field Service is the service industry’s path to IoT and valuable data. Connected Field Service is built on top of your existing field service solution and collects data from the products you service for your customers.

There is a risk that Connected Field Service becomes all about what the solution does for your business, but if you manage and utilize your data to efficiently contribute to the customer’s business, you are guaranteed to get a very unique and value-creating customer experience.

When you start with Connected Field Service, it is always a good idea to start small. Once you have done your tests on a selected number of devices, you can begin scaling up. So, start small, and get more ambitious later.

Free Employees’ Hands With Augmented Reality

If you are ready to take the next step with your company’s Field Service, we will be happy to take a closer look at how your company can use the latest technology, mixed reality. Where virtual reality takes over your all your senses and transports you into a simulated universe, mixed reality instead adds an extra layer to reality in the form of holograms.

Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality headset. The headset looks like a regular headset for virtual reality where you have a “display” in front of your eyes. It then forms a digital layer with information on top of the reality in your field of vision. In that way, your employees can work hands-free, because they do not have to carry, for instance, a tablet. HoloLens technology can revolutionize the way you work with Field Service, since employees will be able to work more efficiently while simultaneously enjoying easy access to real-time data.

Get Remote Assistance From a Specialist

With Remote Assist via Field Service, employees can collaborate regardless of where they are. They can share what they see in real time, making them able to easily call in an expert for remote assistance if something unexpected happens. Remote Assist can be connected to Microsoft HoloLens, as well as other devices such as mobiles and/or tablets.

You can use Remote Assist with or without HoloLens as a training tool both in work situations and in connection with training.

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