Marketing Automation

Make the Customer Journey Personal With Marketing Automation

With Marketing Automation you nurture your leads step by step until they are ready to be handed over to the sales department.
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A comprehensive system for your marketing department

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Automated Communication Flows Make a Difference

With the marketing automation system, Dynamics 365 Marketing, from Microsoft you strengthen and streamline communication with your customers. This ensures a stable flow of information to new leads and provides valuable insight into what interests both your customers and your leads. It all happens automatically when your system is set up correctly and campaigns are created.

All data from the Marketing Automation system is available to you and your employees. You will have an overview of a customer's visits to landing pages, opened emails, and downloaded guides, e-books, templates, and more.

It delivers value for your employees in marketing who can build customer journeys that automatically guide the customer in the right direction based on their actions. You only have to do the work once, after which your time can be spent on campaigns and new initiatives.

For the customer, the value is equally great. The customer receives content matching their interests and needs, making it more relevant and personal. This is vital for establishing a good customer relationship.

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Bring Sales and Marketing Closer Together

Marketing will often be the customer’s first point of contact. Once marketing has the customer’s email address, you can track the customer’s further journey on your platforms. This provides you with a unique insight into the customer’s preferences, which can be used, among other things, to customize targeted messages to the individual customer or lead.

By combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing with your CRM, you ensure that the leads entered in the marketing automation system are funneled through to sales as soon as the maturation phase indicates that a sale is within reach.

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