it solutions are the foundation for your business
your company’s it solutions must be continuously maintained and developed so that your company is based on a solid technological foundation.
business continuity

we got your back—also post-implementation

We won’t leave you hanging. Once we have implemented an IT solution in your company, you offer Business Continuity. With Business Continuity we make sure that a group of highly qualified and experienced consultants keep maintaining and further developing your solution in close collaboration with you.

The team behind our Business Continuity consists of a group of consultants who know more than most. Their areas of focus span wide—from custom solutions, SharePoint Online, WorkPoint, complex on-premise solutions over Dynamics 365, to monitoring through Application Insights.

With Business Continuity, you pay for our consultants’ time on an agreed number of dedicated hours per month—and you get a guarantee that we can deliver the agreed hours every single month. You also get access to a platform where you can report tasks on an ongoing basis. We will of course provide coordination and management of both issues and change requests. You will receive a monthly status regarding the collaboration on your IT solution, for which we consult on the most relevant and new initiatives on the market regarding your solution.

“Do you want to be sure that your IT solution works—also two years after implementation? With Business Continuity we provide ongoing maintenance and development of your company’s IT solution. Call me on telephone +45 42 12 81 19, and we will take a closer look at your company’s needs.”
– Jannie Benfeldt Guldbrandsen, Service Manager at Delegate

business continuity on subscription

Let’s find out together how many hours your IT solution requires. You can choose Delegate’s Business Continuity at 30-, 60-, 90- or 120-hours per month for a fixed price. This means that you know exactly what the subscription will cost you on both a monthly and annual basis.

If you have not used up all your hours in one month, the hours are automatically added to the next month. We take stock of the hours every six months, and it is always possible to purchase extra hours if needed.