Your Development at Delegate Is Important to Us

We want you to develop with us. Regardless of where you are in your career, you can continue your development here.

Lilian Stenholt Thomsen, Principal Consultant

Find out What Is Right for You

Regardless of your experience and whether you are a specialist or a generalist, you can continue your career path and further development in Delegate.


We would very much like to have you on board, already while you are a student, because we appreciate the value it gives us to have talented students on the team – both for you and for us.

Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant in Delegate, we focus together on strengthening your knowledge of the technologies we work with.


As a Consultant in Delegate, you have experience with at least one of the technologies we work with. It is very important for us that everyone gets an independent area of responsibility, because it does not make sense to hire talented people and keep them on a leash.

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant in Delegate, you have an in-depth knowledge of the technology you are responsible for, and at the same time you handle the direct contact to the customer on behalf of your team.

Junior Developer

As a Junior Developer at Delegate, we have a shared focus on strengthening your knowledge of the technologies we work with.


As a Developer at Delegate, you stand firmly on a professional foundation. You are curious and eager to learn, and can quickly acquire new knowledge, reflect on it, and apply it. We are very concerned that everyone has independent responsibility, because it doesn't make sense to hire talented people and keep them on a leash.

Senior Developer

As a Senior Developer at Delegate, you independently perform and design larger solutions that you are responsible for. You are able to participate in both architecture and consensus discussions, and are curious about these. You also act as a role model for other colleagues, where you share your professional knowledge.

Distinguished Developer

As a Distinguished developer, you are either a specialist or generalist, and within your area you ensure the sharing of code principles, etc. You are responsible for the quality of the overall solution. You lead architecture discussions in selected areas and participate in communication with the customer's technical team, where you ensure close cooperation.

Lead developer

As a Lead Developer at Delegate, you are one of our technical leaders and are responsible for the overall solution.

You lead architecture discussions for the entire delivery and ensure that there is consensus with the customer's technical team. You raise the technical and professional level both internally and externally and create, communicate, and enforce best practices at all levels.

Managing Consultant

As a Managing Consultant in Delegate, you are responsible for our projects being a success with the customer. Often as a project manager on the project, where you ensure the close collaboration between the customer and Delegate’s team.

Principal Consultant

As a Principal Consultant in Delegate, you have many years of experience as a consultant. You have both the technical insight and a deep understanding of what brings value to the business.

Solution Provider

As a Solution Provider in Delegate, you are responsible for the entire delivery. You refer to the customer’s management and have a strategic overview of the overall project with the customer.

Managing Specialist

As a Managing Specialist in Delegate, you are responsible for ensuring that our technical solutions live up to the customer’s requirements. You are a specialist in a given area and take responsibility for lifting Delegate’s technical development.

Principal Specialist

As a Principal Specialist in Delegate, you have many years of experience, which gives you a technical insight that enables you to take responsibility of the functionality and quality of the overall solution we deliver to the customer.


As a Master in Delegate, you have many years of technical experience from several platforms and are responsible for the most complex technical deliveries. You refer to the customer’s management and have a strategic overview of the overall project with the customer. You inspire and guide both internally and externally in relation to technology.

In Delegate, you develop in a strong professional community with continuous education and personal development. Here, you get a flexible framework in a clear career path. From walking the path yourself, with the help of colleagues, to showing the way for others and paving the road towards new customers and methods. You can start already while you are still studying or just graduated and develop step by step with more responsibility, deeper technological understanding, and more customer contact from project to project. When you advance from Senior Consultant, you choose, in collaboration with us, whether you want to continue on the specialist or the generalist track.

Relevant further education with courses and certifications.

At Delegate, we have an internal academy called Level Courses. The courses are designed to strengthen and develop your professional skills while also strengthening the professional community at Delegate and creating a network across our four offices. The Level Courses consist of modules developed by both our own colleagues and external instructors who are experts in their field. In addition to the courses, you have the opportunity to earn certifications in areas that interest you.

Technical and human development from project to project.

One of our principles of development is based on a model we call 'can-will-must'. It's about maintaining a balance between your skills, your development goals, and the tasks we can offer. At Delegate, you have ongoing dialogue with your team lead about the tasks you find interesting, so your team lead has a better understanding of what you want to work on. Our tasks range widely. We serve both smaller and medium-sized customers, so there is plenty of opportunity for variety in your tasks.  

Help and support when needed, both starting up and going forward.

When you start at Delegate, you will get a buddy who helps you settle in during the first month. At Delegate, we build our career paths on the idea that some people walk the path, some show the way, and some create the path. We believe 'learning by doing' with help and support is the best way forward. It is important to us that someone shows the way for you so you can be equipped to offer it to others. This means you will always be able to find help and support from someone within the organization.

Knowledge sharing, study evenings, peer reviews and more.

At Delegate, we spend a lot of time sharing knowledge. Knowledge sharing can be structured and therefore be part of our internal academy, but it can also be informal everyday sparring. We have a fixed format for knowledge sharing across the entire organization every sixth week, and in addition, each service line and each team also have their own fixed format. At Delegate, we use these groups to inspire each other and ensure that we challenge and develop each other across the organization.

You don’t need to send an application...

Book an informal and confidential meeting (Teams meeting) with one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists Sofie or Julie. We are ready to explore your options at Delegate – and of course everything stays confidential.