BLAEST: Optimizing manual testing and work processes

BLAEST is the world’s largest independent test center for wind turbine blades and was founded as an independent company in 2005.

Delegate has created a solution for BLAEST that streamlines the documentation of test processes and creates better collaboration with BLAEST's customers. The solution is built in SharePoint and enhanced with a user-friendly Power App.

BLAEST tests wind turbine blades for several wind turbine manufacturers and is experiencing strong growth. The company corresponds with customers daily and thoroughly documents each test. As the company grows, BLAEST finds that more than manual processes based on trust in individual employees is required.

"We saw far too many cases of observations in the wing not being recorded correctly, images never being pushed to the right person, or employees getting offended by each other, simply because everything was based on manual processes where you had to remember to do things right, and everything had to be manually coordinated between people. We needed a much smarter solution to lift our work."

- Jesper Kann, Technical Manager at BLAEST

Delegate's solution consists of two elements that work together. The first part is a SharePoint solution with an individual site for each wing that BLAEST is testing. All documentation, correspondence, and files are gathered here, which can be accessed by both the customer and relevant BLAEST employees.

The second element of Delegate's new solution for BLAEST is a Power App, which documents the testing process with images. With the new solution, images are uploaded directly to the SharePoint site, so employees no longer send image documentation via email. The Power App also contains a list of the points on the wing that the technician needs to document.

"When we started the digital strategy, we focused on how BLAEST could quickly get to something that provided real value. In that, we had two focus areas: A. Making BLAEST more efficient with streamlined processes. B. Making BLAEST more attractive to customers."

- Allan Borup, Principal Specialist at Delegate

Delegate's new solution has created greater collaboration and involvement between BLAEST's employees and customers. Now, the customer can see how far BLAEST is in the testing process, and they can access the necessary documentation on an ongoing basis.

The solution gathers all documents and images in one place. This makes it easy for BLAEST and its customers to find agreements, documents, and images relevant to the wind turbine blade testing process.

In the longer term, the plan is that BLAEST's customers will also be able to see real-time data on their blades in tests, making the customer experience even better.

"The difference is obvious! Digitalizing key work processes makes everyday life easier for our employees, while automation ensures that things are done correctly. It minimizes errors and makes it simpler for more people to work together. It's clear today that digitalization is simply a prerequisite for us to succeed with the scaling of the company that we are in the process of doing."

- Jesper Kann, Technical Manager at BLAEST

„The difference is clear! Digitization of central work processes makes life easier for our employees, while the automation ensures that things happen in the right way.”
– Jesper Kann, Technical Manager at BLEAST
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