EIMSKIP: A clear data strategy on the journey towards becoming data-driven

Eimskip is a leading transportation provider in the North Atlantic with headquarters in Iceland.

Delegate has helped Eimskip shape and plan a clear data strategy to pave the way for Eimskip's vision of becoming a more data-driven organization. The solution involves modernizing Eimskip's IT infrastructure and transitioning to cloud solutions.

 Eimskip wishes to activate the large amount of data they have and ensure that it is used to support the company's business goals and, to a greater extent, become a data-driven organization.

"As part of our digital journey, we were aware that we did not need more data, but we could become better at using the data we already had."
– Hilmar Karlsson, CIO at Eimskip

Eimskip has, from the start, been aware that it is not enough to replace old technology with new technology to become data-driven - it requires both new ways of working with data and a data-driven mindset. Combining Delegate's management consulting services and deep understanding of implementing cloud-based data infrastructure, Eimskip has received a solution that helps them on a successful data journey.

Eimskip has been an active part of shaping the data strategy. It has helped assess its maturity across the four drivers: people, organization, processes, and technology, as well as the five expertise areas within data: data strategy, automation, analysis, business intelligence, and data management. The assessment provides insight into Eimskip's current status and also gives a nuanced picture of where the organization can grow.

With the assessment framework, Eimskip has a tool to assess their maturity and a structured approach to evaluating whether they are growing as an organization by their ambition to become data strategists. The assessment results in a scorecard can then be updated every 3-6 months to ensure the data journey is on track.

With a clear data strategy, Eimskip has a plan and blueprint to make the organization more data-driven and take the first steps toward delivering continuous value.

The data strategy has strengthened communication with stakeholders, as it has made clear the need for concrete actions from both the business and IT organization and why it is critical for Eimskip to become data-driven.

"We are very pleased with the result and the short time it took Delegate to deliver the solution."
– Hilmar Karlsson, CIO at Eimskip

Delegate's solution for Eimskip has been delivered in close collaboration with our sister company in The Digital Neighborhood, Cmotions is a leading data consultancy in the Netherlands.

"We reached out to our current supplier base and found that Delegate was best suited for the task in collaboration with sister company Cmotions. Delegate offered a well-defined approach to data strategy, and after a series of workshops, we created our strategy and defined a POC in a new cloud-based technology."
– Hilmar Karlsson, CIO at Eimskip
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