J. LAURITZEN: IoT Connects Fleet and Administration

J. Lauritzen is a Danish investment company in the maritime industry founded in 1884.
Delegate has created an IoT solution that gives J. Lauritzen a better overview of its fleet and its movements. At the same time, they get faster response time to help crews optimize the performance of the ships.

J. Lauritzen's Performance Management department has so far received data from the ships by email once a day. The data then had to be processed before it could be used. 

The result was that the incoming data was mainly used to create statistical monthly reports on the ships' performance. The data needed to be updated by the time it reached the business.

Delegate has delivered an IoT solution that combines cloud and business intelligence via satellite connectivity, and this has been supported by cloud consulting. The new solution provides a closer link between ship movements and the business's ability to act. 

The solution consists of two main elements: an installer and an integration of several Microsoft IoT services, which results in J. Lauritzen's administration constantly receiving updated information about the location and performance of the ships.

The installer is designed so J. Lauritzen's technicians can easily install the Windows Service on the ships. This streamlines the process of getting the solution up and running significantly because the installation can be done while the ships are in route.

The integration consists of several different Microsoft Services that process the data that the Performance Management department receives via Azure Event Hubs.

The Performance Management department can then pull the data down for processing in a specialized version of PowerBI. A version developed by the Performance Management department with the help of Delegate's consultants, it uses PowerBI's standard functionalities to a large extent.

The ships' data is presented in an interactive map that shows the ships' position and route and various marine-specific data, such as wind speed, air pressure, temperature, and precipitation. The data on the map can be customized for the individual user.

With a well-thought-out IoT solution, J. Lauritzen has gained a better overview of its fleet and its movements. Lauritzen's Performance Management Department receives continuous updates on the condition of the company's ships. It has an overview through a visual Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) tool, so they can respond immediately to optimize the ships' performance.
"J. Lauritzen's IoT solution is built on a range of standard components that have been adapted to a lesser degree. This means that the 'time to deliver' has been quite short for the new performance overview, built as a specialization of available standard solutions."

Simon J.K. Pedersen, CTO i Delegate og ansvarlig for projektet hos J. Lauritzen

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