MIRALIX: Dynamic and User-Friendly Customer Portal With Minimal Maintenance

Miralix provides contact center solutions and has 26 years of experience with professional communication solutions. Miralix has an office in Hedensted.

Delegate helped Miralix create a new and user-friendly customer portal that presents the customer's data in an organized and dynamic way.

Miralix provides reports to their customers who want insight into how their ContactCenter is performing: the number of incoming calls, missed calls, etc. Miralix's customers use the information to optimize the flow in their ContactCenter.

With the existing solution, Miralix's customers contact the company directly and ask for a specific report showing certain data, which Miralix has to send back to the customer with an explanation and description of the numbers. All in all, it is a slow, manual process.

Therefore, Miralix wants a new and more innovative, process-optimized solution that can automatically answer the customer's immediate questions through the user-friendly presentation of data.

The collaboration between Delegate and Miralix begins with an initial workshop to map out Miralix's needs, including what they do today and how they want to work in the future.

Miralix's existing solution is limited by a third-party tool, and a large part of the initial stage is to map out how customer reports should look and be presented in the future. In the beginning, Miralix had over a thousand reports with different form requirements from customers on what they should contain. The reports are variations of each other but with slight differences, so it is essential to clarify which information is beneficial for all customers and can, therefore, be boiled down to something universal. This task lies with Miralix in close collaboration with Delegate.

Without changing much of Miralix's existing data structure, Delegate has created a solution with a significantly broader scope than the previous one, based on Microsoft technology, where data is moved up to Azure with Power BI reporting on top. The result is a new Miralix View V2.

The specific solution: Miralix View V2 

When creating Power BI reports, they are usually located in the Power BI Service, but since Miralix has many different customers, the company wanted a customer portal with login where customer reports are presented. The new customer portal also matches the rest of Miralix's design, so you can't see that it is located in Power BI. For the user, it is just a website. 

With Miralix View V2, it is possible to make different filters so that Miralix's customers can choose the data they want to see. The solution contains many categories, and therefore, a part of the task was also to create a user-friendly navigation, even though many report pages are included. 

As requested by Miralix, Miralix View V2 can also generate static reports in PDF format, which can be emailed to Miralix's customers. It provides a quick overview without having to click on the platform itself.

With Delegate's help, Miralix's new solution allows them to present data in a clear and user-friendly way for their customers. The company's previous solution provided few options for how data could be given. In contrast, the new Miralix View V2 solution can present data more dynamically, with report pages being added as needed. 

With Miralix View V2, Miralix minimizes the number of support hours, as the company's customers and users of the new solution can essentially edit which data the portal should display and thus do not require Miralix's intervention. The solution is, therefore, largely self-driving and requires minimal maintenance.

Miralix has also begun its data journey by moving data to the cloud. This means that the company is already well on the way if they want to take a closer look at their data structure at some point.

"There has been an excellent and constructive dialogue between the parties involved from Delegate and Miralix, and Delegate has always responded quickly to necessary adjustments and requests from Miralix throughout the project."
– Lars Bo Christiansen, Manager Product & Services at Miralix
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