REGION NORDJYLLAND: A modern intranet for 16,000 users

Region Nordjylland's main task is the healthcare system in North Jutland. The region is also responsible for regional development and takes care of specialized tasks in the social area and relation to disabled children and adults.

Delegate has helped Region Nordjylland create a new and modern intranet for 16,000 employees, 80% of whom are frontline staff in hospitals, psychiatry, ambulance services, and other healthcare institutions. "PersonaleNet" now connects Region Nordjylland, making it easy to share and search for knowledge and tools across sites and disciplines.

Region Nordjylland faces several challenges with its intranet: the SharePoint 2013 platform is outdated and no longer supported, the information structure is very deep and extends up to nine levels and requires a fundamental rethink and frontline employees have limited access to the intranet as it cannot be accessed via mobile devices.

Delegate has created a new intranet for Region Nordjylland. "PersonaleNet" is based on SharePoint Online and Viva Connections, maximizing the value of the region's investment in Microsoft 365. The intranet is now a modern and efficient platform designed to optimize regional work processes and communication. 

Where the information architecture used to be profound, it has now been streamlined with fewer levels, making it easier for users to find the information they need. To ensure the architecture was as intuitive as possible, it was tested by around 800 users during the development process. 

PersonaleNet has a dynamic news flow through target groups where news and information are only presented to relevant users, making communication more effective and engaging. 

To maintain a consistent and professional content design across the intranet, template pages have been created to ensure that new content always fulfills design requirements and creates a consistent user experience. 

The region's key request was that a new intranet should also be accessible to frontline staff. Therefore, StaffNet can be accessed from mobile devices through Viva Connections in Teams, ensuring that employees can access essential resources and communications wherever they are. On PersonaleNet, the region's employees can also access a modern phone book, "People Finder," which makes it easier to find the right colleague across locations and disciplines. People Finder is an application developed by Delegate. 

Finally, the new intranet also fulfills the requirements for web accessibility for public organizations, and all content is built according to accessibility principles. 

PersonaleNet now connects Region Nordjylland and supports digitalizing tools and processes. With a new, modern intranet, the region has also strengthened the organization's distribution of news and communication. On PersonaleNet, content and functionality are targeted at different staff groups across the intranet to make it easier for employees to find relevant tools and information. With Viva Connections, frontline staff always have easy access from mobile devices to what they need to do their jobs.

"With Viva Connections in Teams, we've been able to give our users easy, app-like access to tools, intranet topics, and news."

– Helle Haals Burchardt, Intranet coordinator at Region Nordjylland

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