A cloud project should always support the strategy
The strategy of your company is crucial for how you approach a cloud project—that’s why we always start here.
Cloud consulting

Your Azure cloud project has to be based on best practice

The organizational anchoring of an Azure Cloud project is of great importance to the goal and how the project is set in motion. We are happy to share “best practice” experiences from different customer situations and advise you on how your company best executes on a vision or project while simultaneously supporting a strategic goal anchored in the organization.

At Delegate, we are specialists in business case & analysis, as well as design and implementation of Cloud solutions based on Azure. We have the expertise necessary to build robust and scalable solutions from start to finish on the platform.

Often the process starts with basic governance and preparation of environments so you get a foundation on which future solutions can be built. It creates a uniform and streamlined process for the projects and safety is ensured from the very start.

”Get started with your Cloud project on Microsoft Azure. Call me on +45 53 53 69 59, and we will create a plan together for how you can meet your company’s strategy with Cloud.”
– Morten Fritsch, Director at Delegate

Cloud is a step towards digitalization and transformation

The common denominator for our Azure Cloud customers is that they have a strategic focus on digitization and transformation towards a more data-driven business. Cloud projects are a catalyst to achieve strategic goals more quickly or as a simpler way to create transformation.

There are often many good arguments for kick-starting your Cloud project. But It may be difficult to find the right pace and an approach that creates lasting value and real organizational development so that the individual Cloud projects support vision and strategy.

At Delegate, we offer cloud consulting at different levels. Our advice is always grounded in a pragmatic approach, where we make it tangible and concrete with:

  • Customer Journey
  • Data driven business potential
  • Value stream and Business Value mapping
  • Process optimization and digitalization
  • Organizational capabilities and strategic anchoring (capability model)
  • Business case
  • Strategy and portfolio management
  • RoadMap for digitalization and applications
  • Governance and ”toolbox” for digitalization

Agile processes lead you to the right result

We develop new applications with a focus on efficiently and quickly creating a “minimum” solution, also called MVP. This is because the application and requirements often evolve during the process—everyone gets smarter. Our agile process helps support this tendency, which is we have a check-in every 14 days, where we coordinate direction and results with you.

Creating robust solutions that make optimal use of Azure is not necessarily easy. The platform is large and offers many alternatives that can solve the same problem. That is why we are ready to help you achieve your Cloud project on Azure.