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Get a thorough review of your Azure environment to ensure it follows all the best practices defined by Microsoft.

Securing your Azure environment

At Delegate, we are experts in securing your Azure environment. Our comprehensive assessment covers all aspects, from identity and access to network topology, security, governance, compliance, management, monitoring, and operations. We carefully configure and secure your Azure environment, provide detailed reports, and take proactive measures to maintain optimal performance.

What problem do we solve?

Our experience spans various challenges, including solving identity and access management issues, optimizing network topology, and improving connectivity. We also work to strengthen security, meet governance and compliance standards, improve governance and monitoring, streamline operations and deployment, and ensure cost efficiency.


With Delegate's Health Check, you get a comprehensive review of your Azure environment that focuses on maximizing value for your business. We identify and resolve configuration issues early, minimizing the risk of disruptions and data issues. Our experienced team provides expert guidance on design and decisions that can improve your Azure infrastructure while giving you a clear direction to drive Azure adoption and achieve your business goals. Your organization will receive a thorough analysis and a clear plan to improve your cloud strategy and achieve the full potential of Azure.

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