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A holistic approach to your cloud migration

At Delegate, we offer a holistic approach to your cloud migration: We start by gaining insight into your current on-premise environment and identify the necessary steps for a seamless transition. Together, we select the workloads best suited for migration to the cloud. Then, we configure your Azure environment with best practices in mind, prioritizing a cloud-native approach first. Our expertise ensures that your migration is secure and cost-optimized so your organization can maximize the benefits of the cloud.

What problem do we solve?

We specialize in creating solutions based on best practices tailored to your company's needs. Our approach is characterized by automation and a strong emphasis on DevOps principles that ensure efficient and streamlined processes. Security is at the core of our design philosophy, ensuring that your Azure environments are "Secure by Design." Furthermore, our solutions are designed to be scalable and grow seamlessly with your business as it evolves and expands.


Working closely, we'll create a thorough plan to move your organization's existing on-premises systems to the Azure Cloud. We share our practical experience of migrating workloads to Azure and provide you with valuable insights. We set up your Azure environment and create a solid foundation for future tasks.

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