Give your contract management process a boost
A contract management tool gives you efficient workflows and creates an overview.
Contract Management

Manage your contracts in one unified system

There are many benefits to digitizing your company’s contract management process. For example, you will find that workflows become more efficient and you get a better overview from where you can make decisions. Overview breeds efficiency, and this can be achieved by consolidating the organization’s contract portfolio into one searchable system. This includes features for reporting, personal home page, and secure access from PC, mobile, and tablet.

At Delegate, we offer tailor-made solutions built on WorkPoint 365 and SharePoint. This means that our digital contract management functions in tandem with the rest of your Microsoft solutions.

A majority of businesses struggle daily to keep track of the many different contracts at play in various circumstances. This muddles the waters, puts a strain on employees, and wastes valuable time. Digital contract management completely erases this problem, affording everyone an easy-to-read overview:

  • over all contracts,
  • which agreements have been entered into,
  • and when they expire.

You may be especially interested in a contract management system if you can recognize some of the following challenges:

  • Finding a given contract
  • Renewing or terminating a contract in time
  • Forming a complete overview of the contract portfolio for a given supplier
  • Knowing exactly which contracts a particular component/partner is included in
  • Documenting correspondence
  • Ensuring that you adhere to your own processes and data disciplines

“Need our help implementing contract management in your company? Call me at +45 53 53 69 59, and we will help you find a solution that suits your needs. ”

– Morten Fritsch, Director at Delegate

Simple and efficient work with contracts

With contract management built on SharePoint, you get several standard functionalities to support central contract management processors that provide overview, simplicity, and efficiency.

By using document- and contract management, you streamline all your correspondence and gather it in one place. This eases the workload on employees and clears the schedule for more innovative and valuable work.

With digital contract management, you can set up an overview of your company’s contracts and agreements. This overview, including easy access to the entire Microsoft Office suite, helps you strengthen your business and optimize your bottom line through increased efficiency.

In other words, effective contract management ensures that your company handles all its contracts responsibly. This reduces the risks that your company may face while at the same time decreases some of the costs associated with otherwise time-consuming contract management.

With the help of an effective contract management system, your company can maintain its obligations and ensure optimal utilization of any given agreement—all with the help of your tailor-made contract management system.