CRM is more than just another system
It is the very foundation that secures your business relationships.

Improve the relationship with your customers with crm

CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy that focuses on your customers. It can help you improve revenue, reduce costs, and help form a closer relationship with the individual customer.

With CRM, you can tailor automated customer journeys based on the individual customer’s actions and preferences. Sales receives notifications when they need to actively contact a customer, and service and helpdesk can provide better help for the customer the first time they are in contact, because they have full insight into the customer’s history and purchases.

“There are especially two things you need to be aware of when choosing a new CRM system. It has to be secure, and it needs to be easy to expand as the need arises. You are welcome to call me on telephone +45 20 30 65 12 if you want to hear more about how to get started.”
– Sine Almstrup, Business Development Manager at Delegate

Collect all the knowledge and data on your customers in one place

In short, a CRM system can gather all the data and knowledge about your company’s customers in one place. It can facilitate and systematize the work in marketing, sales, and service with automated processes.

Task management, pipeline management, and customer journeys are just some of the processes you can automate with a CRM system, which can also help you create an overview of meetings, offers, overviews, orders, personal relationships, and user history.

This is just a small selection of the many tasks that can be performed more efficiently with a CRM system. In other words, it presents all the data you need in a simple and manageable way. Needless to say Microsoft CRM can be customized at user level, providing the user with data relevant to his or her specific work.

Build a bridge between LinkedIn and your crm in Dynamics 365

With the Microsoft tool Relationship Sales, you combine LinkedIn with your CRM in Dynamics 365, thereby giving your salespeople a powerful sales tool.

With Relationship Sales, you can purposefully identify the decision makers of potential customers. Relationship Sales then serves the knowledge you can find on your contacts in LinkedIn directly in Dynamics 365, markedly improving and simplifying cold calls as well as pretty much any top-funnel marketing initiative.

With Relationship Sales you can move your “connections” to relationships and engage potential buyers with targeted content.

With Microsoft Relationship Sales, you can break down silos, reinvent productivity, and dress your sales team for success by merging CRM and LinkedIn. Learn more about what Microsoft Relationship Sales is and how to get the most out of the tool in our guide here.