Danske Fragtmænd
Pre-liminary results of the CRM HR system.
Danske Fragtmænd

Implementation of a modern CRM and HR system

We still think that we’re in the initial stage of the process of implementing CRM in the organization, but that said, we’ve already seen some impressive results.” says Anette Lagerstorff, customer service manager at Danske Fragtmænd about the new HR system.

In autumn 2015, leading Danish logistics company, Danske Fragtmænd, began the implementation of a Dynamics CRM Online solution as part of a more wide-ranging Microsoft strategy for the company. The goal is to ensure easy integration between the company’s systems. The customer service department was among the first to carry out the implementation, and the department has been very enthusiastic about the results during the initial period of using CRM.

A whole new level of service

Anette Lagerstorff says that it’s been an entirely new experience managing customer records with a CRM tool. The staff now have a vast yet simple and clear insight into customer histories.

The department has also gained a far better overview of which calls put the most pressure on their capacity and has thereby been able to allocate their resources more appropriately. Among other things, this has led to the department prioritizing staff resources that can inform customers about any issues such as delivery problems. Thanks to this initiative, the department has seen a decline in what Anette Lagerstorff refers to as “afternoon calls”.

Now, customers find that they are kept updated on their deliveries to a far greater degree, and the customer service manager says that they have received a lot of positive feedback from customers who feel as though the difference amounts to a whole new level of service.

One of the results of this new insight has been that the process of responding to customer inquiries has become far smoother, and the department has also saved a lot of man-hours because the staff are acting proactively as problems arise instead of reactively to customer inquiries. “We are very happy to see that we are meeting out feedback goals in relation to external and internal customers,” says Anette Lagerstorff.

Improved internal collaboration 

The CRM data has also shown that the department spent a considerable amount of time answering calls from their colleagues working in other parts of the organization. The number of these calls has now halved because the staff can share the necessary information through the CRM. With just a few clicks, they can access a customer’s history and thereby do their jobs better and quicker.

The information sharing in CRM has also made the management of customer records more robust, as staff now have a much easier time taking over from one another when someone is taking a sick day, for instance. This halving has definitely been felt by the department staff, and Anette Lagerstorff is therefore very enthusiastic about the further implementation of the use of CRM, as she has found that the staff are delighted about the system. That’s also why they remind each other to use it if they notice a colleague reverting back to old habits.

A better overview

The customer service department keeps finding new areas where CRM makes it possible for them to spend their time and resources more wisely thanks to better information.

In June, the department introduced a division into front and back support, using CRM to determine how much capacity was needed and where. This allowed them to allocate the department’s resources on the basis of actual knowledge instead of an estimate. There’s no end to the positive results, and what makes Anette Lagerstorff so excited about it is that she sees this as only being the beginning of the process.

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