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Strengthen Your Business With a Data-Driven Solution

As digitalization increases, the amount of data increases at an enormous pace. This creates new opportunities for your business, but only if you know how to take advantage of them.

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Utilize Your Data and Achieve New Business Opportunities

The combination of technology and rapidly increasing amounts of data, where objects communicate with each other, exchange and collect data 24/7, makes the possibilities for data use almost endless.

Companies that act on data-driven opportunities and combine traditional management reporting from, for example, production systems, inventory systems, and financial systems, with sensor data or other external sources, experience strengthening of their core activities. At the same time, and most importantly, they will gain completely new business opportunities by being able to understand which data to collect and how to work with that data to optimize their business and thus see new business opportunities.


In Delegate, when we work to make vore kunder datadrevne, er det naturligt for os, at vi sikrer en
our customers data-driven, it is natural for us to ensure a knowledge transfer meaning our customers are
able to run the solutions later by themselves.
– Thomas Quistgaard, Founder hos Delegate

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How Far Are You on Your Data Journey?

It is common to apply a data readiness model in several stages. For example, it could have 3 stages such as:

 1. Digitalization: Your business data is digitalized and accessible

2. Platform: You leverage and make decisions based on aggregated, centralized data

3. Intelligence: AI learns from your data and gives you brand new and actionable insights

In Delegate, we consider all levels regardless of the starting point. Even if, for example, you have managed to digitalize your company and now consider which data platform you want to use, we will help you from the start to ensure that the data foundation you establish can be used as training data for intelligent solutions in the future, in order to support your long-term business goals.

Get Actionable AI Insights

While traditional data warehouses and reports give you a good overview of data at a strategic level, AI insights are characterized by inspiring direct action - they are operationalizable. The use of AI has a great potential for your business and naturally fits into the overall work with your data. AI should be thought of as a tool that can help you achieve your goals. This means that, in close collaboration, we first establish which data-driven innovation goals strengthen your business and then assess whether the data you have collected so far can be used by AI models to achieve these goals. If your data is not ready to be directly included in the AI models, we can together design a data collection strategy that ensures that, after a short period of time, you have collected the required data in the right format for the AI models to still be used to give you the desired insights.

Become Data-Driven in Collaboration With Delegate and Broad Horizon

As a part of the Broad Horizon Group we can pull on 145 specialist of whom 50 works at Delegate. That is how we can ensure that you get the best solution - no matter your need.

Delegate also include organizational and ethical issues in the dialogue with our customers. The focus on data ethics is well linked to Delegate’s values, and we have a strong commitment to data ethics at national and EU level. In addition to being the official stakeholder on the EU European AI Alliance assessment list for ethical AI, our AI experts regularly advise the Danish government on data ethics guidelines – for example by being a member of government’s data ethics expert group, as well as being the supplier of the data ethics toolbox, which has the purpose of ensuring that AI developers get help and inspiration to develop ethical AI solutions.

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