Data Lakehouse

A Data Lakehouse Is the Enabler to Succeeding With Your Data Ambitions

Do you want to build a data-driven organization or have you already been trying without succeeding, then a Data Lakehouse in conjunction with a data strategy could be the right choice for you and your organization.

Activate Your Data With Data Lakehouse

Data Lakehouse combines the best of Data Lake and Data Warehouse. Data Lakehouse stores large amounts of data from your business – including both your company’s organized data, semi-structured and unorganized data – and enables employees to access data through a single system.

Why have a Microsoft Data Lakehouse?

The process of data collection from a variety of sources in an organization and combine them into key insights delivered in a secure and automated way has significantly dropped in complexity and cost. Data Lakehouse is a scalable and cost-efficient cloud platform build to handle all your data processing needs in one place. It allows you to harvest the benefits of cloud storage and computation to drive down cost. While offering an intuitive and low-code user interface (UI), making it easier and faster to deliver the intended value without extensive experience or background knowledge

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The possibilities for what you can do with data today are endless. The amount of data and the number of sources is constantly growing. This allows for more opportunities, but also calls for better and sharper priorities when investing time and money into your data infrastructure. In Delegate, we strive to find the right balance between technical excellence and continuous value creation.
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