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Data Lakehouse

A Data Platform is the foundation for extracting value from data in a scalable and managed way using Azure-native services. The structure can have many variations, and choosing the right Data Platform depends on several factors, such as your future use cases, your organization's maturity, and your business area.

At Delegate, we facilitate a process that focuses on value creation and ensures governance by addressing security, access, ownership, and definitions that Purview Governance can support. With our Data Platform solution, your organization will have the foundation to optimize and utilize your data resources effectively.

It is important to note that a Data Platform does not create value on its own; it always works in conjunction with analytics or similar deliverables as part of our methodology in Delegate. Our Data Lakehouse solution combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses. It delivers the reliability and performance of data warehouses while providing the scalability, flexibility, and machine learning support of data lakes.

In Synapse, our Data Lakehouse solution aligns with Microsoft's end-to-end reference architecture for Analytics. It is suitable for rapid value creation with an agile but managed approach. It can be deployed on different Synapse technologies based on your needs and competencies, including Serverless SQL, Dataflows, and Spark Notebooks. Our Data Lakehouse solution in Databricks suits code-based use cases, typically involving IoT data. It has differentiating features, including unit tests, ETL in Python classes, and explicit schema definition in code.

What problem do we solve?

A Data Platform is the foundation of your data journey. With Delegate's Data Platform solution, we can help your organization transform data into valuable insights, unify siloed reporting and analytics functions, create a shared understanding with consistent language and definitions across departments, empower decision-making based on data, introduce modern data and AI technologies, and implement cost-effective models that scale with value.


Implementing a data platform gives your business easy access to data, enabling data analytics and data science to make data-driven decisions and automate processes. By utilizing data and AI, you can support or improve business processes by providing access to carefully selected data for new and existing applications. When you unlock the value of a well-run data solution, you push your business forward and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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