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A data strategy is an integrated concept that defines how data can be actively used to develop your business.

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At Delegate, we believe that a data strategy should be compact, understandable, and customizable. This allows you to get started quickly and gradually increase data maturity. A data strategy defines how data can empower your business strategy by including resources, processes, and rules for data management. It guarantees data integrity and compliance. While data dashboards and basic analytics may seem simple, scaling is more complex, and without a clear plan, you risk losing track, making wrong decisions, and encountering compliance challenges. We help you develop a data strategy that translates your company's ambitions into action with an approach that starts small and aims high.

A future blueprint also includes: 

Analytics: Analytics and self-service empower users to make data-driven decisions faster without relying on IT, accelerating decision-making and increasing data and analytics maturity.

Data Lakehouse: Data Lakehouse takes the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to deliver the same reliability and performance of data warehouses with the scalability, flexibility, and machine learning support of data lakes.

What problem do we solve?

We specialize in solving various data-related challenges. We ensure that data initiatives are aligned with your business strategy to support your goals and vision effectively. In addition, we work to involve all stakeholders to ensure you get the necessary buy-in and commitment to your data initiatives. We go beyond viewing data initiatives as pure IT projects and ensure they are integrated with your organization's relevant business processes and people. Finally, we help address challenges in organizations where the need for insights and those developing data solutions are separate.


Working closely with Delegate, your business will receive a tailored data strategy that enables you to realize your data potential and achieve business goals more effectively.

We deliver:

  • A Target-to-Data model that visualizes data potential
  • Assessment of your data maturity
  • A strategic plan for the future, including people, technology, processes, and organizational changes
  • Identification and prioritization of use cases based on their impact on your goals and the effort required
  • An action plan and value creation path that increases your data capabilities in a structured way.

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