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How do you achieve your goals with new business opportunities most easily?

Today, everyone is data-driven, and being data-driven has been a game changer in most industries. You cannot move, act, or make any small or big decisions whatsoever without doing so on based on data. As a result, more and more companies have adopted a data-driven mindset. Companies acting on the data-driven opportunities and combining the traditional management reporting from, e.g., production systems, storage systems and financial systems, with sensor data or other external sources, experience a strengthening of their core activities. At the same time, and most importantly, they will find new business opportunities optimize their businesses by understanding what data must be collected, and how to work with that particular data.

We would like to ask you two questions in order to help you visualize how best to utilize your data to achieve your business goals:

  • Where are you right now?
  • Where would you like to go?

Your data

“Where are you right now?” can be answered by looking at your current data and the way it is used. The question you should ask yourself is not: “What can I do with my data?”, but rather “What should my data be able to do?”

“Do not ask what you can do with your data, but what your data should be able to do for you!”

The difference is that you realize that you actually have an influence on which business data you collect, in which platform, and that this is a key investment area in more and more industries.

Your business

Where would you like to go? is about the future, development, and innovation you want for your business. This comes before anything else. It determines the choice of data platforms, the direction of your data collection strategy, and it clarifies how much you are willing to invest when it comes to data.

“You need to invest in your data to secure your future innovation potential.“

Are you ready?

How far are you on your data journey? It is common to apply a data readiness model in several stages. For example, it could have 3 stages such as:

  1. Digitalization: Your business data is digitalized and accessible
  2. Platform: You leverage and make decisions based on aggregated, centralized data
  3. Intelligence: AI learns from your data and gives you brand new and actionable insights

Here, it is important to remember that there are several levels of how much data you have, but if we focus on where you want to go, all levels are in play from the start, as illustrated here:

In Delegate, we consider all levels regardless of the starting point. Even if, for example, you have managed to digitalize your company and now consider which data platform you want to use, we will help you from the start to ensure that the data foundation you establish can be used as training data for intelligent solutions in the future, in order to support your long-term business goals.

“In Delegate, when we work to make our customers data-driven, it is natural for us to ensure a knowledge transfer meaning our customers are able to run the solutions later by themselves.”
– Lars Bo Nielsen, Head of Data & AI at Delegate

According to an analysis by McKinsey Global Institutes, it appears that data-driven organizations are:

times more likely to acquire new customers
times more likely to retain customers
times more likely to be profitable

Data today

The combination of the technological possibilities and the explosively increasing amounts of data means that the opportunities of using the data are endless in an international community, where objects communicate with each other, exchange and collect data 24/7. In Denmark, we are at the forefront when it comes to exchanging and collecting data. Denmark is the 5th most connected country in the world (Global Connectivity Index, Nov. 2019). In general, it is not difficult to become data-driven, but as a manager, it requires that you dare to make a choice – a choice that data must be taken seriously and used strategically.

At Delegate, we see many examples of companies in different industries making a strategic choice that data is vital and a valuable focal point in their strategy. Examples: Maersk Container IndustryCleverSTARK and ISS

Some of the latest trends are:

  • CDO/Data specialists join the Executive Board
  • Agile data platforms, speed and availability of data are key
  • IoT is no longer reserved for production and logistics
  • Customer Experience (CE) and Analytics are growing rapidly
    • As Churn Prediction
    • Use of artificial intelligence (AI) rather than customer satisfaction metrics
  • Analytics and self-service BI have become natural parts of all projects
  • Confidence in Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence has increased sharply due to specific use cases and is part of company analysis strategies.
“Denmark has a solid foundation for developing IoT capabilities and using sensor data to drive future innovation. It can also bring together partners and source solutions to put businesses on track to an IoT future. Studies show that Danish companies are confident about the potential of IoT, with the nation’s advanced infrastructure able to support IoT rollout.”
– Global Connectivity Index, 2019
“Digital Hub Denmark, a public-private partnership, will be able to transform Denmark into one of the main European tech-hubs in the areas of artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data. This will improve companies’ access to talent and facilitate collaboration on digital business models between larger companies, start-ups, and universities”
– Global Connectivity Index, 2019

Data & AI in Delegate and Broad Horizon

Delegate do not want to be like companies are most – we want to be the best! Today we are 145 Data & AI specialists in the Broad Horizon group, of which 50 are at Delegate in Denmark.

Delegate and Broad Horizon know how crucial it is for any organization that wants to be data-driven to have an efficient data platform. Delegate’s Data Platform is a flexible technological foundation for becoming data-driven. This is where data is collected and displayed so it can be used for everything from analytics and AI to be integrable with other applications.

Read more about the Data platform  and AI.

Delegate also include organizational and ethical issues in the dialogue with our customers. The focus on data ethics is well linked to Delegate’s values, and we have a strong commitment to data ethics at national and EU level. In addition to being the official stakeholder on the EU European AI Alliance assessment list for ethical AI, our AI experts regularly advise the Danish government on data ethics guidelines – for example by being a member of government’s data ethics expert group, as well as being the supplier of the data ethics toolbox, which has the purpose of ensuring that AI developers get help and inspiration to develop ethical AI solutions.