Development of competences
At delegate, we work with four types of competence development.
Formal education
Both internal education through Delegate Academy and training with external suppliers, e.g., in the form of courses and certifications. We offer both education that is relevant to everyone and education targeted at small groups or you as an employee.
Project participation
You participate in projects and tasks with a focus on developing your technical qualifications, collaboration skills, and ability to handle unexpected situations. It is important that you experience different team set-ups and work with different types of customers and tasks.
Mentor and apprencticeship
At Delegate, we have frameworks for both mentoring and apprenticeship with a master teacher. We adapt the courses to the individual employee, so they match your wishes for your career. A course can be both with a younger colleague, who has knowledge about new technology, and an older colleague, who has experience in product development.
Mutual learning
Mutual learning is all the times where new knowledge and new ideas arise in informal meetings across Delegate. It is an important virtue at Delegate that we learn from each other. This can be in the form of study evenings, daily interaction with colleagues, peer review, Company Friday, etc.
“We are always looking for skilled colleagues for our offices in Virum, Aarhus, and Aalborg. You are welcome to contact me by phone +45 22 13 05 07 if you have questions about Delegate as a workplace.”
– Lisa Dyhrberg Kjær Kristensen, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Delegate