Grow your company with digital business transformation
When your goal is growth, you need a concrete plan for how to develop your business digitally.
Digital Business Development

An open mind and an objective approach to the path towards growth

This is the first and perhaps biggest challenge many companies face when talking digital business development. Our experience is that it can be difficult to look at your own business objectively. We have consultants with extensive and broad experience when it comes to digital business development.

You may be stuck within the idea of your business belonging to a certain sector, industry, or region. Or your business may be limited due to your current IT setup, your habits, or your current business model. The potential of your company is definitely present, but the challenge is to find a way to achieve the most optimal solution for your specific company. Often the path to success is not straight ahead and may require the courage to look in other directions.

At Delegate, we offer advice in business development and digitization strategy. We come with an open mind and look objectively at your business opportunities with an eye for IT and a backpack full of experience in digitization.

“We have done it many times before, and we would love to do it again. So call me on +45 53 53 69 59 if you need guidance on how we can develop your business together through digitalization.”
– Morten Fritsch, Director at Delegate

Digitization: The smart way

Our approach to digital transformation is based on your original idea and utilization of today’s technological opportunities.

When we advise on business development, we always look for any unique opportunities within your company. We offer you the possibility of exploring the perspectives of different scenarios, and the first step is always to use your current strategies as a starting point. By doing so, we ensure that we can develop a strategy together with you for your specific needs.

We base the whole process on your company’s current strategy and look at alternative options for digital business development based on the very business that you run today. Together, we examine which tools work, how digital strategy can be implemented, and which functions need to boost each aspect of the plan.

Our recommendations are always based on your insights and in-depth knowledge of customers, competition, and market conditions.

In other words, your company and your industry.

We will challenge you and use specific data, your insights, and our experience to come up with the best digitization plan for developing your business in both the short and the long term.

Business development is often hypothetical. Data and IoT help to demonstrate the real potential, thereby providing you with a very concrete picture of the possibilities.

Not only do we help you get started—we also help you reach your goals

Technology is the driving force behind all digitization. Your company’s success, future competitiveness, and efficiency depends on your willingness and ability to develop digitally.

But you do not have to face the challenges alone!

One of the trademarks of Delegate is that we’re very versatile. We have a professional and strong team of IT consultants who are solution-oriented and can help with most technological challenges you will encounter in connection with a digitization project.

We often use a data collection strategy when working with digitization. The strategy can be developed when the specific business goals have been defined. We “convert” business goals into an IT strategy, which includes a data collection strategy, a cloud strategy, application strategy, or a combination of these—all to ensure that everyone works towards the same goal.

In short, we can bridge the gap between innovation in your business and the many technological possibilities. In this way, we help with strategy and the digital business basis from the first investigative sod to implementation. This provides reassurance and results that are reflected in the bottom line.