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digital transformation: why are we still talking about the journey that could secure your future?

2019 August 4th

We have entered the second half of 2019—and we are still talking about digitalization. And we’ll probably continue to do so.

The fact of the matter is that half of all executive boards in Denmark expect their top manager will accelerate the digital development of the organization.

Unfortunately, many of these top executives face a challenge they have little to no experience with.

Many top executives have not previously been responsible for the great digital transformation, because even though we have heard a lot about digitization, end-to-end digitization of organizations is new.

But that’s what it takes. And that’s what’s in demand.

Digital transformation is a large and comprehensive project. That’s probably why we keep talking about it—rather than doing it. It isn’t something that’s simply. Digital transformation is in fact transformation of the whole business and thus NOT a small project that can be run on the sidelines.

If you want to be digitalized and be among the organizations that can attract labor in the future, digital transformation must be the core of your business and the focal point of your projects.

There is no way around it.

but how?

Our best advice for digital transformation of your business is take a big step back and look at the potential in your business. It’s about finding the greatest potential in the company: Where can digital technologies create the greatest possible value for you as an organization?

This requires both insight and openness. But when you have identified where the greatest value and the greatest potential lies, you are ready to define a handful of digitization projects that must have the focus of management from the very beginning. It needs to be concrete and operational projects that can kick-start the process and give momentum to the further digitalization journey.

One of the pieces of advice we bring to our customers when we talk about digitization and digital transformation is that the fundamental digitization projects must always be anchored in management. They must be run by the management and sponsored from here to get the desired weight and value in the organization.

the value of digital transformation

The real value in the great digital transformation project comes not merely cost reduction associated with new efficient systems and streamlined processes. Your customers also want to experience a better service and have a better customer experience. An additional positive side effect is increased employee engagement!

Employee engagement may not be something you measure the value of today, but because employees are such an important asset in the digital transformation, it’s worth looking into.

Historically, there is good reason to assume that 80% of your employees will also be there in 2–3 years—when you are well-established in your digital processes.

It is therefore crucial for your digital success that you engage your employees and teach them to work within the framework of the new digital tools and processes.

In short, digital transformation can be a magnet for future employees. There is and will continue to be competition over the workforce. A workplace with fewer manual processes, automation of routines and IT solutions that provide a good experience will be a parameter in recruiting the workforce of the future.

digital transformation and business development consulting

Digital transformation can be a big, and for many unmanageable, project to embark on.

  • Where do you start?
  • What should you prioritize?
  • What technologies should you use?

These are just a few of the fundamental questions that start bubbling to the surface.

We have helped many organizations along their digitalization journey, and still do.

If you need help or advice on digital transformation, you can read more about our service here or contact Peter Østergaard directly for a chat about your options.

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