simple and intuitive document management
we make it easier for your employees to manage, share, and edit files — both internal and external.
document  management

document management tailored to your business

It is supposed to be easy and intuitive for your employees to manage the company’s documents. It is vital that they do not compromise security by sharing sensitive personal documents or are forced to set up a file-sharing solution not covered by the company’s IT security policy.

At Delegate we have the necessary expertise and experience needed to set up secure, user-friendly document management solutions. We design your solution on standard software from Microsoft and adapt features to your company’s specific business needs.

Your document management solution should always be designed with a focus on securing document management:

  • Easy and simple for users
  • Provides a digital holistic experience
  • Well-integrated into the customer’s other systems
  • Flexible for further development

Additionally, our document management solution supports new technologies within e.g. AI/ML, RPA, and chatbots.

Are you looking for a secure, accessible, and easy solution for document management? Give me a call at + 45 20 30 65 12, and let’s look at a solution for your company”
– Sine Almstrup, Business Development Manager at Delegate

secure, accessible, easy file-sharing

The reason we base your company’s document management solution on Microsoft’s platform, it is because it comes with a number of benefits for your company.

For example, you can be sure that current security policies are followed, so you avoid files getting into the wrong hands. Moreover, your employees gain access to a familiar interface, which they already know from Office 365, making it easier for them to manage files and navigate the platform. And last but not least, your documents are always available—whether you are sitting at your computer in the office, working from home, or are on the go with only your mobile at hand.