Company portal for Denmark’s Export Credit Agency, EKF

The platform Sharepoint has good collaboration options and rich opportunities for customer-adapted changes.


The solution allows for knowledge-sharing and collaboration across the entire organisation.

EKF is a guarantor against risk when financing Danish exports to risky markets, and it is operated on private-sector terms and guaranteed by the Danish government.

On the basis of EKF’s analysis, “We win by using knowledge – a presentation about the knowledge strategy for EKF”, it was necessary to rethink the informational structure in the organisation. The organisation’s old systems only supported very rigid structures, and it was difficult to use when searching for information. Therefore, a new company portal needed to be created.

The requirements for the new company portal was that:

  • Knowledge was to become available across departments
  • Collaboration should be possible across departments
  • The work processes for knowledge-sharing should be supported in connection with storing knowledge from group meetings, meeting minutes, reports, emails and personal interactions.

Close collaboration between users and developers

In close collaboration with a knowledge group at EKF, the requirements for all departments were revealed and qualified. The choice of system platform ended up being Microsoft SharePoint, which with its good collaboration options and ample opportunities for customer-adapted changes was ideal for the job. In order to ensure conformity between user requirements and the solution, and the greatest possible amount of flexibility in relation to work processes, the development was undertaken in a close workshop process between users and developers.

Intuitive system

It was essential that the ordinary knowledge worker was to be able to use the system without much training and to find it intuitive to work with. Among other things, this was achieved based on Microsoft SharePoint’s close integration with the MS Office package. 

All shared drives are replaced with Microsoft SharePoint’s document management system, and every department has been provided with its own website with detailed, departmentally relevant information, an integration with Outlook and the option to have its own project spaces. 

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