European Energy
Strategic solution to efficiently support project and portfolio management linked with central management of documents and contracts with PPM.
European Energy

PPM and document management

European Energy is a developer of wind and solar projects. Recently, European Energy have also started to work with Power-to-X, i.e., the conversion of excess electricity into liquid fuel. This development meant a need for better project and portfolio management.

European Energy needed a new project management and portfolio solution, as well as a new tool for their document and contract management. European Energy is experiencing strong growth, both in terms of the size of projects, the number of projects and, not least, the geographical distribution of its energy parks. They were looking for a tool for portfolio and project management. As a result, it was a strategic choice by European Energy to get an IT solution where everything was in one place.  

“Why did we need a new solution? We did, because complexity is increasing and so is our pipeline. So, to handle increased complexity as well as more and bigger projects, we needed a qualified base to manage our projects.”
– Maja Rasmussen, Deputy Head of Projects, European Energy


Watch the video where Maja Rasmussen, Deputy Head of Projects, Jens-Peter Zink, Executive Vice President, and Kristian Høeg Madsen, Head of Business Development, talk about the value of their new solution and why they chose to collaborate with Delegate as their partner.  

“Now, we have a large number of projects that we can follow more or less in real time. Our new solution also supports our document management including our contracts.”
– Kristian Høeg Madsen, Head of Business Development, European Energy

European Energy success criteria

To European Energy, success meant:

– A valuable pre-analysis to define solutions and scope that ensured an optimal start of the project

– Close and agile collaboration using Teams and Azure DevOps for transparency

– Genuine commitment and professionalism from European Energy management and key project participants

– A manageable and user-friendly tool for project and portfolio management.


The solution had to provide the following features:

– A PPM solution supporting project management from idea to project completion and providing a full overview of projects and portfolios in terms of progress, finances, risk management, etc.

– Link projects to project documents for optimal user-friendliness (project and portfolio management)

– Automatic creation of project team sites with managed document hierarchy and predefined templates

– Automatic tagging of document uploads and access from both Teams and SharePoint

– Minimize the need for Excel sheets

Read more about the opportunities in project and portfolio management with our PPM solutions here.

“Previously, we used several different platforms to handle what we now have in one. We had so many different Excel sheets, and so many different platforms where different project managers managed according to your own models. We moved data around. Our new solution has “the truth” in one place.”
– Maja Rasmussen, Deputy Head of Projects, European Energy
“If you are interested in hearing more about our solution for European Energy, or if you wonder whether we can help you optimize your project, portfolio, document or contract management too, please feel free to send me an email, so that we can have a non-binding talk about your options.”
– Jacob Stenderup, Director at Delegate

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