Power Platform | Webinar

From theory to AI & Copilot in practice

Microsoft's Power Platform, AI, and Copilot are key to revolutionizing your company's business processes and opening up new opportunities. In this presentation, Head of Power Platform Allan Buus Pihl and Managing Consultant Kasper Kjærlund Galan Hansen will give you a basic understanding and practical tools to implement these technologies in your daily workflow and create tangible value for your organization.

In addition, Allan and Kasper will show how the Power Platform can move you from theory to reality. With AI Builder Prompts and Custom Copilots, we can create real change and positively impact your ROI.

During the webinar, we will showcase:

A digital and sentiment-oriented solution that gives the customer a tailored sales experience based on their specific needs without involving a sales assistant. 

An AI-optimized enquiry process eliminating repetitive, low-value tasks while also improving and automating data quality.

Practical info

The webinar will be presented in english.

Date: Wednesday, March 13

Time: 9.30-10AM CET

  1. Introduction to the Power Platform and its AI capabilities for business optimization.
  2. Overview of AI Builder Prompts: a no-code prompt engine for automating tasks.
  3. Introduction to Custom Copilots: an expansion of Power Virtual Agents with generative AI features.
  4. Demo of our digital and sentiment-oriented solution for a tailored sales experience and customer enquiry process
  5. Inspiration for Use Cases to bring home and implement.
Kasper Hansen, Managing Consultant, Delegate
Allan Pihl, Head of Power Platform, Delegate