Tying J. Lauritzen’s fleet and administration together in the cloud

J. Lauritzen gets a simpler overview of their fleet and its movements.

J. Lauritzen

Tying J. Lauritzen’s fleet and administration together in the cloud

J. lauritzen gets a simpler overview of their fleet and its movements. at the same time, they get quicker response times in relation to helping crews optimise the performance of the ships.

Delegate has delivered an IoT solution to J. Lauritzen which combines cloud technology and Business Intelligence via satellite link.

With this new solution in place, J. Lauritzen’s Performance Management department can now receive ongoing updates about the state of the company’s ships and get an overview via a visual Business Intelligence (BI) tool, allowing them to react immediately to optimise the performance of the ships.

“Delegate creates insight and injects value into the customer’s entire value chain. They are able to bring IoT and Azure Machine Learning into play while also unleashing the potential of data in companies.” Microsoft, on the choice of Delegate as the 2016 Digital Transformation Partner based on their work with J. Lauritzen

A significant improvement

The solution is expected to be a significant improvement compared to the previous system, where the Performance Management department received data from the ships by e-mail once a day; data which then had to be processed before it could be used. This data was consequently mainly used for statistical monthly reports on the ships’ performance, meaning that sometimes, the data was already outdated by the time it reached the business.

A specialised combination of standard functionalities

The solution creates closer links between the movement of the ships and the company’s scope for action. Delegate is thrilled to have had the opportunity to advise J. Lauritzen on the use of Azure in a cost-effective way, and we are proud of having been able to deliver a solution so quickly.

“The main reason why the ‘time to deliver’ is short for this solution is because we haveused a lot of standard components that have been adapted to a limited extent. The new performance overview is accordingly built as a specialisation of available standardsolutions,” says Simon J.K. Petersen, Managing Consultant and the person heading Delegate Azure

A closer link between administration and fleet

The solution developed by Delegate’s consultants consists of two main elements: An installer and an integration of a number of Microsoft IoT services that allow J. Lauritzen’s administration to receive constantly updated information on the location and performance of the company’s ships.

The installer is designed in a way that allows J. Lauritzen’s technicians to easily install theWindows Service on the ships, which makes the process of getting the solution up and running significantly more efficient, as the installation can take place even while the ships are in service.

The integration consists of several Microsoft Services that process all the data received by the Performance Management department via Azure Event Hubs. The Performance Management department can subsequently extract the data for processing in a specialised version of PowerBI, designed by the PerformanceManagement department with the help of Delegate’s consultants to ensure that it makesuse of PowerBIs standard functionalities to a very great extent. The data from the ships is displayed on an interactive map that shows the location and route of the ships as well as various marine-specific data such as wind force, air pressure, temperature and precipitation. The data on the map can be sorted to be adapted to individual users.

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