Kromann Reumert has sent their CRM into the cloud

The old CRM solution was replaced with a modern, Cloud-based CRM.

Kromann Reumert

Transition to the cloud provides a greater client insight

Kromann Reumert has replaced their old CRM solution with a modern, cloud-based Dynamics 365 solution.

The need was well-defined: Kromann Reumert’s lawyers needed support in the form of 360 o client insights, so that everyone in the organization at any time and from all systems could see the full client history:

  • What work has been done in the past
  • Who has previously helped a client
  • Who has a relationship with the client
  • What events the client has participated in

In short, Kromann Reumert needed to be able to see the full commitment across all lawyers, including from Microsoft Outlook, which is their primary work tool.

In addition to specialist knowledge and commercial understanding, our industry is characterized by being relational. Therefore, we have wanted to know our clients’ needs even better so that we can continue to set the standard in the legal profession. CRM has given us a window that forms a databased overview of our business. It has been an important part of becoming more data-driven and supporting our digital mindset, ” says Jacob Brønnum-Schou, IT Manager at Kromann Reumert.

360O Client insight

With the new Dynamics 365 solution, Kromann Reumert has one unified tool for working with their client relationships.

All knowledge is gathered and easily accessible to the lawyers. This ensures that everyone shares and works on the same data for the benefit internally and for the benefit of the client, who is always met by prepared employees who never lack knowledge of the client’s history.

With Dynamics 365, Kromann Reumert has simply both optimized internal processes and laid the foundation for a far better client experience.

When you start a major implementation and transformation of a new system, it requires a good collaboration with an external consulting house. We spent a lot of time evaluating the different providers, but it was only when Delegate presented their presentation that we knew we had found a good match,” says Esben Nicolai Sachmann, Business Consultant at Kromann Reumert.

Delegates’ technical competencies are above average, but their co-ownership of the project management was also a positive experience for me as an internal project manager. The result ended up being better than we expected because Delegate’s consultants were good at challenging our desires instead of implementing headlessly.

A task solved with Dynamics 365

The new solution is built on standard Dynamics 365 with a number of plug-ins that allow lawyers to continue working from their preferred platform: Microsoft Outlook.

Specifically, this means that Kromann Reumert’s lawyers can access Dynamics CRM via Outlook, where they can create and view contacts – which are automatically synchronized into Dynamics, which keeps all threads together.

One of the major problems prior to the new Dynamics 365 solution was that Kromann Reumert had several different systems with client information (case management system, website, marketing module and finance system).

It was therefore important that the new solution could gather all information with better client overview and easier navigation between the systems when detailed insight is to be used.

The list of functionalities in the Dynamics 365 solution is long, but the new system ensures, among other things, that Kromann Reumert’s lawyers can:

  • Get an overview of which events and newsletters a contact is associated with
  • Follow contacts
  • Create VIP connections
  • Synchronize selected contacts into Outlook
  • Look up external registers for contact or company details

Azure binds the solution together

The new Dynamics 365 solution is tied together by Azure Integration Services, which is also used to integrate the solution into Kromann Reumert’s Sitecore website and Navision client solution.

As we already use a wide range of cloud technologies – including Azure, Dynamics365 and therefore the use of Azure Integration Services fit perfectly into our digitization strategy, which we are already well under way with,” explains Jacob Brønnum-Schou, IT Manager.

For example, the website accepts subscriptions to newsletters and events that automatically enter the Dynamics 365 solution, from which marketing handles all communication with the client so that data is visible on the contact. This means that the lawyer can view the communication history directly in Outlook.

The integrations in Azure Integration Services also ensure that it is the right Company data that you see in the CRM solution. Also, the integrations have carried the overall data migration from the old CRM solution to the new one.

A solution for the future

Kromann Reumert’s Dynamics 365 solution is a tool for the future.

“When you have to make a digital transformation, technology cannot do it alone. It has therefore been crucial that we have been able to spar with Delegate’s project manager regarding teaching and anchoring within the company. In addition to change management, we also wanted CRM to be compatible with future technologies, including AI solutions, ” says Esben Nicolai Sachmann, Business Consultant.

It has thus been clear from the start that the system should support future innovative initiatives.

Delegate and Kromann Reumert have ensured this by having AI consultants participate in the project. In this way, the new system is based on a data model and an architecture that supports future data-driven initiatives such as intelligent introductions, intelligent field filling, churn prediction and business sentiment analysis.

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– Morten Fritsch, Director at Delegate

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