SharePoint Is the Platform for Effective Online Collaboration

A document management platform integrated with all the Microsoft tools you already know.

User-Friendly Platform for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Today's organizations are dynamic and the modern intranet should reflect that dynamic and flexibility that is sought today. SharePoint is the foundation of the modern intranet, a collaboration platform that focuses on making collaboration and knowledge sharing as simple and user-friendly as possible.
The PowerPoint presentation, meeting notes, and important emails are collected and shared in one place for the benefit of all employees who have access to them.

SharePoint is integrated with all the common operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Mac OSX, and Android) so today's biggest smartphone religious question is taken out of the equation - everyone can participate. This gives employees who rarely sit at their desks the opportunity to participate on an equal footing with those who have their permanent workplace in the office.

SharePoint is also integrated with Microsoft Yammer, which is your own little social media - just for you. It makes it much easier to get answers to questions in a busy day. Instead of spending a lot of time tracking down the right employee, you let the answer come to you. This makes cross-company collaboration easier and more fun.

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Collaboration Becomes Easier Across Projects

SharePoint can be tailored to your company's needs so you get maximum benefit. This gives employees the best conditions to start projects and manage them continuously while maintaining an overview. In other words, collaboration becomes easier - also across projects. For example, you can create teams pages so you only need to invite the employees who are relevant for the project - and you can of course add or remove them as necessary. At the same time, you can manage the company's common needs as you know from the classic intranet. In this way, there is still control over the personnel handbook and registration for the summer party as well as all other documents. It is also easy to inform the entire company at once so you can minimize the reminder emails that fill the inbox.

Intuitive and Well-Known Platform

It always takes effort to get used to new systems. But SharePoint is based on Microsoft's well-known platform, so it is easy and intuitive for your employees to work with it. The Office package is also integrated, making it easy to share ideas internally within the organization. And if you are working on a project with external partners, they can be easily added. You control who has rights to what.
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