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Create a digital workplace for everyone in your organization.

The Digital Workplace

The digital workplace should be for everyone, and being able to offer your employees a modern and attractive workplace is closely linked to the quality of the digital employee experience. The digital workplace should support flexible work schedules and contribute to engaging, motivating, and streamlining all parts of the organization. It also ensures that relevant information and resources are available to all employees, whether they are at a desk, on a construction site, in stores, or on a production floor.

At Delegate, we can help you create a solution that connects your employees and gives them easy access to tasks, information, and work schedules in one place - in a secure way. The solution is Viva Connections.

Should we help you? Book a non-binding workshop

We offer a non-binding inspiration workshop where we present to you the many possibilities of Viva Connections and how to create a clear plan and strategy for Viva. We also provide concrete examples of solutions within your industry. After the workshop, you will have a clear idea of how Viva Connections can improve the digital employee experience in your company.

Morten Fritsch, Director

Make the Experience Relevant and Easily Accessible

Viva Connections can be the right step towards achieving just that and creating a more inclusive digital workplace. Viva Connections is available as part of M365, in the apps and on the devices employees already use such as Microsoft Teams.

So if your company already has an intranet on SharePoint Modern or is considering starting an intranet on Modern, you should also consider the value Viva Connections can offer in that context and how Viva Connections can help make the experience more relevant and easily accessible for each employee.

At Delegate, we have extensive experience in creating the modern digital workplace and have helped many organizations get started in utilizing the opportunities that come with Viva Connections.

Do You Have Content on SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint 2013 will expire on March 1, 2023 and will no longer be supported by Microsoft after this date. Are you interested in discussing how to get started with moving content to, for example, SharePoint Online? We would be happy to share our experiences with this.

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