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Document Management

Document management is essential in any modern organization that works with documents. 

Delegate Document Management for D365

Add Delegate Document Management to D365 for more organized and efficient document management. It gives your employees the flexibility to work in the tool they prefer, whether it's Dynamics, SharePoint, or Teams.

What problem do we solve?

Dataverse space can be a significant expense, and many organizations need more storage space in their Microsoft 365. Reduce the cost of unnecessary Dynamics 365 licenses by empowering collaboration through Teams or SharePoint and leveraging existing M365 licenses. Collaboration becomes seamless with external partners using M365's standard features. Integrating your D365 processes, which include document workflows and approvals, ensures continuous productivity and reduced costs.


Delegate Document Management for D365 helps you organize your files and data in one place. It provides a secure storage solution for your documents, prevents knowledge loss, and provides a centralized approach to documentation and collaboration. In addition, you can control the lifecycle of all documents in your organization, access documents from all parts of the world and all devices, and grant specialized permissions managed from within Dynamics.
  • Based on project types, Teams or SharePoint project sites are automatically created. 
  • Managed document hierarchy: Based on one or more templates, a file structure with relevant folders is automatically created.
  • Metadata from Dynamics on documents: Documents are automatically tagged with relevant metadata when uploaded, depending on document type, confidentiality, etc.
  • Security: Permissions are set on documents based on rules from Dynamics, meaning there is clarity about who can see what.

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Document Management

Document management is essential in any modern organization that works with documents.

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