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Get a beautiful, modern intranet for all users on all devices.

User-friendly intranets built on Microsoft SharePoint

A modern intranet tailored to your needs supports communication, collaboration, engagement, productivity, and knowledge management for all employees in your organization, whether at a desk, on the floor, or the front line.

Microsoft 365 offers many options and tools for creating a modern intranet. At Delegate, we offer a proven process for implementing a successful intranet, working closely with you throughout the process.

What problem do we solve?

A modern intranet provides:

  • Easy and efficient access to standard tools, guidelines, and self-service solutions.
  • Supports engaging communication about the company and daily work and encourages dialogue and networking between employees across employee groups and locations.
  • Supports global collaboration and knowledge sharing by providing tools and easy access to colleagues and competencies within the company.
  • Reinforces company identity, values, and culture by sharing stories and supporting informal interaction across the organization.


With a modern intranet, your organization will have a beautiful and user-friendly digital starting point that supports your business on all devices and provides easy access to relevant information, knowledge, and tools for all employees - whether they work on the front line, at a desk, or on the floor. By basing your intranet on the standardized Microsoft 365 platform, you can maximize the value of the investments you've already made in it.

Combine tools from the Microsoft platform

Integrate your intranet with multiple tools from the Microsoft platform to ensure an excellent and effortless employee experience on all devices.

We recommend using:

  • SharePoint for news, content pages, shared documents, and navigation
  • Microsoft Teams for team and project collaboration
  • Viva Engage for informal employee communication and knowledge sharing
  • Viva Learning to bring learning directly into your workflow.
  • AI and chatbots to find answers or take actions based on data.


A new and modern intranet for 16.000 employees

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