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The modern business is constantly evolving, and as the hybrid workplace becomes more prevalent, it's crucial to have easy access to relevant and specific colleagues. Delegate's People Finder app makes finding colleagues across your global organization easy by providing a clear overview of organizational, departmental, and location hierarchies, making it simple to navigate even in less familiar company areas.
Available as a Microsoft Teams app and for your modern intranet, People Finder pulls information from Active Directory, HR systems, and other sources, providing comprehensive employee insights and streamlined contact options via Microsoft Teams, including accessibility across time zones.

What problem do we solve?

People Finder can:

  • Find specific employees in a global organization
  • Visualising connections between people in the organization
  • Find the right people to work with based on an overview of the organization, departments, and locations
  • Communicate reorganizations in the company.


People Finder meets the challenges of the modern, hybrid workplace and brings the right people together, improving your organization's communication, collaboration, and productivity.

People Finder makes it easy to locate colleagues within your international organization with a clear overview of its structure, departments, and locations. This makes it easy to navigate even in less familiar areas of the organization.

Benefits of People Finder:

  • Efficient employee localization: Employees in your organization can quickly and easily locate and connect with colleagues.
  • Improved productivity: Streamlining the process of finding the right employee increases productivity, especially for those working in different locations and time zones.
  • Improved understanding: People Finder provides clear organizational, departmental, and location hierarchies, making it easier to navigate and understand the organization's structure.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: People Finder seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, providing convenient contact options and visibility of employee availability across time zones.
  • Inclusivity: People Finder can visualize and include unlicensed users, such as frontline workers and contractors, ensuring everyone is accessible and accountable.
  • Multi-platform support: People Finder is available as a Microsoft Teams app and for modern intranets, providing flexibility in how organizations deploy and use the tool.
  • Leveraging data: People Finder leverages organizational data from various sources, such as Active Directory and HR systems, to provide comprehensive employee information.

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