DEI Policy

Diversity Equality and Inclusion policy

At Delegate, we strive to create a diverse workplace where equality and inclusion are fundamental values embedded in all parts of the organization. In a world where each individual is unique with invaluable perspectives, experiences, and skills, we believe that embracing these individual differences is the key to a thriving organization.


is not just an ideal goal but rather a strength that we should embrace, as it ensures diverse competencies, ideas, perspectives, and experiences that promote innovation and better decision-making.


in our workplace is not about treating everyone the same, but about ensuring that everyone – regardless of gender, age, ethnic background, disability, role, or level of experience – has equal opportunities to realize their full potential. It is about recognizing and respecting our differences while creating a workplace where all voices are valued, and all contributions are acknowledged.


is our guiding principle. We aim to create an environment where everyone feels valued, accepted, and included. Inclusion means that all voices are heard, and everyone can contribute with their unique skills and perspectives.

We are not perfect at Delegate – neither are we in our work on diversity, equality, and inclusion. But every day, we strive to ensure a diverse workplace where everyone is treated equally, feels included, and can be their true selves.

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Our work on diversity, equality, and inclusion is driven by more than just willingness – it is driven by passion. A passion to challenge the status quo and create a better and more equitable Delegate. Diversity, equality, and inclusion are core values that define our culture and our identity, and we aim to create a work environment where all voices are valued and respected. One of our goals is to achieve a shared understanding of the three terms, as a common language helps us communicate clearly and achieve our common goals.


From the very beginning, it has been our founder's mission to create a workplace where everyone feels welcome. Thus, Delegate is a boutique consultancy that values every person as a unique individual. We treat each other with mutual respect and our desire is to create an environment of presence, reciprocity, and acknowledgment.

Our vision is to successfully implement diversity, equality, and inclusion in all aspects of our organization. Equality in terms of status, rights, and opportunities. Diversity in the form of representation of differences between our employees. Inclusion in terms of involvement and appreciation of members' contributions.

Our mission is to increase diversity in Delegate fostering an environment where recruitment, support, promotion, and compensation are grounded in qualifications and skills. We want to ensure a culture in Delegate where all our employees feel empowered and where diversity, equality and inclusion are recognized as an opportunity for improvement and value for the organizations.

Our goal is to ensure a diverse workplace where everyone is treated equally, feels included, and is welcome to bring their whole self to work. We want to increase awareness about our behavior and potential biases. Lastly, we must provide tools in order to support fair decision making in recruitment, development, compensation, and promotion.

Focus Areas and Targets

Our diversity, equality, and inclusion policy underlines Delegates commitment to remaining a workplace where everybody feels welcome. We want to create comfortable and inclusive environments for all our colleagues and customers. At Delegate we always strive to improve in everything we do. Thus, we are devoted to integrating diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout our organization and hold ourselves accountable by defining targets and monitoring our progress. Overall, our targets deal with:
Recruitment & hiring
Professional development
Fair salary

Our specific goals include:

  • Mitigating biases in our hiring process
  • Encouraging the participation of women in the IT industry
  • Ensuring that students and/or interns make up at least 20% of our workforce
  • Providing equal access to educational and career advancement opportunities
  • Implementing fair pay across gender, service lines, and locations
  • Consistently emphasizing and bolstering our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion.

This policy is binding upon every employee at Delegate and in every part of our business. It applies to all employees regardless of the terms of employment.

Contact Persons

At Delegate we distance ourselves from bullying, sexism, crossing boundaries, etc. and any incidents will be taken seriously and handled accordingly. It is therefore important that you reach out if you experience something that is against our policies. You can either reach out to your Team Lead, a member from People & Culture, comment in Officevibe or use our whistleblower service.

Remember that we continuously address all inquiries and matters. Please share your experiences and thoughts it helps us learn and grow as an organization.