Profile: Jannie Guldbrandsen

"A good deal of presence and a lot of recognition"

Work life took an unexpected turn for 47-year-old Jannie Benfeldt Guldbrandsen when a leader in Delegate saw an untapped leadership potential in her. Today, Jannie has helped create her own department, and as a leader she works with presence and recognition as fundamental values.

Jannie Benfeldt Guldbrandsen is the Head of Application Management in Delegate.

In 2018, Jannie Benfeldt Guldbrandsen started as Project Manager in Delegate. But already 14 days into the employment, the job description changed when she agreed to temporarily help organize the consultants who would support the customers Delegate had already created a solution for. 

What should only have lasted six months grew so large that in 2020 Jannie helped establish her own team dedicated to this one purpose: Business Continuity. Along the way, Jannie's own manager had seen a leadership potential in her that she had not considered herself, and it became a gamechanger in her working life: 

"I hadn't spotted that myself, but I can feel that this is definitely the direction I'm going. And I've gotten to a point where I think that this is something I'm really good at. And I haven't tried that to the same extent before in my work life. I hadn't seen that I was going to do this at all, and now I don't want to do anything else."

Today, Jannie is the Head of Business Application and has a team of 13 consultants. Two of Delegate's keywords are presence and recognition, and although it may sound like a cliché, it is actually what Jannie experiences as fundamental in her work:

"I facilitate tasks, set the framework and manage projects to completion, and ensure that customer satisfaction is top notch. And then I get our consultants to feel good about what they do through a good deal of presence and a lot of recognition. I really feel like that's what I'm doing."

And to be a present and appreciative leader, it requires Jannie to bring herself into play:

"I have to do that in order for the team to get to know me. I give a lot of myself every day because I believe it helps make sure my team is doing well."

Delegate has a strong focus on the whole person as an ingrained part of their values, and it is also in the corporation with the individual colleague and consultant that Jannie experiences that her work creates purpose:

"We see the individual employee, and it makes so much sense. We see the individual colleague, both when they are professionally thriving, and we ensure that they are doing well and developing professionally. But we also embrace the employees who are going through a difficult period privately, and we make sure that they can focus on their private lives, and then they come back when they are ready."

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