Enhance your workflows with tailor-made apps
We can easily help you with apps to your company on Microsoft’s Power Platform.
Power Apps

Bridge between enterprise systems and data silos with Power Apps

Let us optimize your processes with Power Apps that simplify cumbersome workflows in applications with attractive user interfaces targeting specific user groups.

We help you tie systems together in user-friendly Power Apps, which exhibit and make data accessible while offering you targeted functionality.

With the establishment of your company’s governance—based on your policies—we create the outline for strategic value creation in a secure framework.

“If you are considering Power Apps and would like to modernize your IT support, contact me on +45 20 30 65 12. Together we will find a way for your company to achieve your goals with Power apps.”
– Sine Almstrup, Business Development Manager at Delegate

Three examples of apps that optimize your business

We have put together three examples of how you can use Power Apps to easily get started building apps that can optimize processes in your business.

App for onboarding new employees

Power Apps can be used to build apps that streamline onboarding of new employees. An onboarding app gives new employees easy access to, for example, policies, templates, and guides. The HR department will also benefit from the app, as they can simply enter data about the new employee in one place.

App for inspections at the customer

Use Power Apps to lift workflows where employees use tablets or smartphones to, for instance, collect GPS data or image documentation in connection with inspections or repairs.

App for helpdesk

Give the classic helpdesk a boost with Power Apps. Here the user can, for example, send in errors and issues as a “ticket,” or the app can be used as a collection point for orders.

Build on the data model and database you already use

Microsoft Power Apps use the data model and database – Dataverse – that has already been established if you have an existing Dynamics 365 solution. This means your Power App builds on the data model and database already in place and contributes to the enrichment of data.

Power Apps allow you to integrate with several of your own data sources and run the Power App from smartphones, tablets, etc.

Integration of, for instance, Financial data and customer data in Dynamics 365 can help you obtain new insights and create value. Ensuring integration is typically a somewhat larger task that Power Apps can simplify and help you reach your goals faster.

The flexibility of Power Apps is enormous. Therefore, the examples are also numerous and versatile. Microsoft Power Apps is a strategic boost that enables a whole new level of digitalization and optimization of your existing enterprise systems.