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Basic Governance

Delegate's governance framework grows with your organization and your experience with the Power Platform. It is based on Microsoft's best practices and maturity model, making it future-proof and long-lasting.

Control and insight into your Power Platform ecosystem

In Delegate, we offer Basic Governance, where you gain control and understand how to manage ownership, environments, data access automation, etc., in the Power Platform. It also includes gaining insight into your Power Platform ecosystem via the Centre of Excellence and working closely with Delegate to develop a guiding plan to create solutions and automation that support your business growth.

What problem do we solve?

A solid governance structure enables full utilization of the Power Platform as the connector in the Microsoft landscape. It allows your employees to test ideas in familiar Microsoft environments, maximizing ROI and faster time to market. At the same time, guidelines are established to promote creativity while ensuring control over solutions and data connections. We help you understand and manage different maker personas, from citizen developers to power developers. This requires different approaches and governance structures, which we identify and implement together.


Basic Governance enables your organization to foster creativity in a controlled environment where employees can explore innovative ideas within familiar Microsoft frameworks, and we allow you to understand and manage different user profiles by customizing the governance approach. This framework is scalable and evolves as your organization matures, and is based on Microsoft's best practices and maturity model to ensure long-term durability and future-proofing. This way, your organization balances creativity and control and can support innovation in the Power Platform.

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