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Power Platform Enablement

We help you activate the digital mindset in your organization, identify opportunities and create new business value.

Understand the capabilities of the Power Platform

At Delegate, we are experts in educating the people in your organization on what the Power Platform is and how it can unlock business value for you. We enable your teams to understand the capabilities of the platform and identify opportunities to, for example, increase productivity, digitize processes, or reduce data entry. Together, we collect ideas, convert them into use cases, and verify that they create business value in your organization.

What problem do we solve?

Digital development is fast-paced, and it can be challenging to keep up with technological advances that can change your organization's operations. By cultivating a digital mindset, Delegate guides your journey from the outset, helping you comprehend the breadth of the Power Platform and its ecosystem. We provide crucial insights into the platform's technological potential and elucidate how it can revolutionize your organizational structure and your approach to crafting solutions. Identifying opportunities is paramount; thus, we transition from insight to action by offering a structured framework to pinpoint use cases that bolster productivity, digitize processes, and automate mundane tasks. This strategic approach ensures that every good idea is backed by a solid Return on Investment (ROI) or a strategic anchor point, aligning closely with potential business value.


Our Power Platform Enablement unlocks unprecedented business value by simplifying the transition from use cases to tangible solutions. With our support, you'll quickly develop and implement your first solution and automation, guaranteed to enhance personal or team productivity. Moreover, you'll gain access to exclusive learning events that foster ideation, knowledge exchange, and best practices, all integral to your continued journey with the Power Platform. Delegates’s structured approach not only helps identify the purpose of each initiative but also draws a clear line to the potential business value, ensuring that every step taken is a stride towards innovation and growth.

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