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Process Optimization

Become more efficient in everyday life with processes that work

Process optimization is a broad concept. The first step is to, essentially, put a magnifying glass up to the way you currently do things. From there you can analyze where and why problems arise that could be a nuisance to customers or for internal workflows.

Process optimization is about minimizing waste of resources. This might entail anything from order management and processing of complaints to tender processes and on-boarding of new employees.

Common to all workflows is that they can be optimized so that the internal resources are utilized in the best possible way and external receivers get through your channels faster and more efficiently.

There is, as a rule, a reason why you do the things that you do. History is often the strongest argument. But is it good enough?

The short answer is: No. It may be easy to keep going as you usually do, but if you have the slightest suspicion that something might be accomplish in a better way, it’s time to stop and reflect. It is important that you do this for the sake of the employees, your customers, as well as the bottom line of the company. Often, no major changes are needed before a process is significantly improved.

“In larger companies, optimized processes can mean huge savings. In smaller companies, employees often fulfill many different roles simultaneously. Here, process optimization can free up resources so that your employees can focus on what they are good at instead of getting frustrated about wasting time on unnecessary tasks. In either case, the cost will typically pay off in the short run. Contact me on +45 53 53 69 59, and we will take a closer look at your optimization project.”
– Morten Fritsch, Director at Delegate

The vast majority of service processes can be optimized

Today, good customer service doesn’t merely depend on a helpful service staff. The customer service employee must be equipped to handle every customer, whether it is the first or seventheeth time they are in contact with the customer—and that’s easier said than done!

In the optimized organization all data from both self-service and ongoing correspondence is gathered in one system. It gives everyone in customer service easy and immediate access to the customer’s full history, thereby forming the basis for a good service experience. If you do not already have a good service experience in place, we can help you well on your way to digitized and business-optimized service processes.

Customer service is provided by many different people within an organization. The customer can rarely tell the difference between a service employee and a salesperson. Therefore, both should be able to access the necessary information from one place, making it easier to put themselves in the customer’s place and to remedy the daily problems that occur in many companies.

New processes can fix bottlenecks

Approval processes are workflows that require authorization. It can be anything from driving bills, outlays and travel requests, to revisions of subscriptions and requests for VAT refunds. In your business, it might be something completely different.

It’s probably a lot easier than you think. Digitalization of approval processes is not necessarily a large and complex undertaking, and it is a project that will remove bottlenecks and ensure automated procedures for large and small workflows.

The essential thing about digitizing your approval processes is that you get an overview of what awaits, you get your procedures aligned, and you remove manual workflows—thereby minimizing errors and unnecessary repetitive work.

We help you define the process and map out the steps to take today in order to help you and your business make it smarter tomorrow!