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Delegate delivers business-critical IT solutions to a wide range of companies and organizations based on Microsoft’s cloud platforms, including Azure, Business Applications and Power Platform. We are an ambitious and competent advisor in the digital transformation, where the only constant is that the world is changing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy that focuses on your customers. It can help you improve revenue, reduce costs, and help form a closer relationship with the individual customer.

With CRM, you can tailor automated customer journeys based on each customer’s actions and preferences. Sales receives notifications when they need to contact a customer, and service and Helpdesk can provide better assistance to the customer first time they are in contact, because they have full insight into the customer’s history and purchases.


CRM is more than just a system- Get a 100% customized CRM

Customer 360

Utilize customer data and get more loyal customers with Customer 360.

Field Sales

Optimize your Salespeople in the Field

Marketing Automation

Make the customer journey personal with Marketing Automation

Power Hub for CRM

Greater success in making the right decisions based on historical data.

Field Service

Efficient Day-to-day Operations with Field Service
Modern Workplace

The modern workplace evolves at lightning speed with distributed teams, brand-new business models and complex security issues.

With Modern Workplace, you can strengthen collaboration both internally and externally. We provide solutions to connect employees, systems, contracts, projects and more – in a secure way.


Get a platform that provides your employees with all the targeted information they need and acts as an access point for all your digital collaboration.

Document Management

We make it easier for your employees to manage, share, and edit files internally as well as externally.

Contract Management

A contract management tool gives you efficient workflows and creates an overview.

Viva Connections

Connect your employees and give them easy access to tasks, information, and work schedules in one place - in a secure way.


A document management platform integrated with all the Microsoft tools you already know.

People Finder

Delegates People Finder app giver hurtig og nem adgang til specifikke kollegaer på tværs af jeres globale organisation – direkte i Teams.

Delegate has helped a wide range of customers facing the challenge of lifting their strategic work through IT. We know that it is not always the most hyped or trendy technology that makes sense for your company’s strategy. We can help you define which tools to implement, and how they should be combined to bring as much value as possible to your company and ensure a successful implementation of your strategy – especially in the long run.

Digital Business Development

When growth is your goal, you need a plan for developing your business digitally.


Delegate help you through the entire process from deliberation, inspiration, analysis, planning, the actual migration, and, finally, educational adoption of the new solution.

Cloud Advisory

You company strategy is crucial for how you should approach a cloud project. That’s why we always start there.

Process Optimization

Together we optimize processes which can minimize resource waste and optimize workflows in your business.
Power Platformen
It is important that you can collaborate quickly and easily while challenging the efficiency of your business. This is possible with Microsoft’s Power Platform, which can quickly and easily analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents (aka. Chatbots).

Power Apps

Get customized apps on Microsoft's Power Platform that don't have to cost a fortune.

Power BI

Make well-thought-out and secure business decisions by giving everyone access to data-driven insights.

Power Automate

Increase your business's productivity and get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes.

Power Virtual Agents

A chatbot is a combination of AI and user interface and can therefore be built to handle both internal and external processes.
Data & AI

As digitalization increases, the amount of data increases at an enormous pace. This creates new opportunities for your business, but only if you know how to take advantage of them.

Data Strategy

With a clear data strategy, you define the direction for the use of your company's data and can fully exploit the potential of your data.

Data Lakehouse

Microsoft Data Lakehouse is a scalable and cost-efficient cloud platform build to handle all your data processing needs in one place.

Advanced Analytics

Gain maximum insight into your data with Advanced Analytics and create value in your business.


It is important to understand the potential for innovation represented in your data. AI should be seen as a tool capable of helping you achieve your goals.

Azure Cloud

Azure is Microsoft’s modern cloud platform. It is a service that works with the Microsoft services you probably already know in SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Office 365. In short, Azure is a collection of cloud services that can help your business handle all the business challenges that you encounter on a daily basis.


Using sensors, you can collect specific data from devices, transmit it and utilize the new knowledge to optimize your business and create a digital universe around the device or product.

Industrial IoT

Optimize your production and access data that you can act on.

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