overhyped technologies are not always the way forward
we work with the technological tools that ensure you reach your strategic goals—hype or no hype.
strategic advisory

we have advised on IT solutions many, many times before

Delegate has guided a wide range of customers faced with the challenge of lifting their strategic work through IT. We know that it is not always the most hyped or most popular technology that makes sense for your company’s strategy. We can help you define which technological tools to implement in your company and how they should be put together to create the greatest possible value. We ensure you success with the strategy—especially in the long run.

As IT consultants, we offer our service in IT solutions and consulting. Our field of expertise is extensive, and we have a number of IT consultants with different competencies as well as IT specialists who can program exactly what you need to solve!

We have comprehensive insight into the needs of different types of companies and organizations. It is almost guaranteed that we have solved a challenge similar to yours before. This is just one of the great benefits of working with an IT consulting firm.

With an external IT consultant, your company gets a set of fresh eyes to look at your company’s IT setup. He or she ensures you good and updated inputs for your IT projects—whether big or small. An external IT consultant will also quickly discover where your company’s strengths and weaknesses lie, which can be difficult to see for yourself.

“Should we help you achieve your company’s strategic goals? We are always ready for a challenge, and have found a solution to even the most creative and complex strategies.”
– Mads Højborg, Director at Delegate

the long-term strategy or project strategies

We know that the best result is achieved by having mapped out the long-term strategy. The long-term strategy largely defines the IT roadmap that manages the individual, underlying IT projects: Should they be built in Azure? Should they be a part of Microsoft’s integrated platforms? Is cloud a requirement?

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to abandon a clear strategy for individual IT projects. If you (with or without the help of an IT consultant) have decided to gather all solutions under the Azure umbrella, it requires a clear Azure strategy to succeed and create conditions that make it easy for all your employees to work within the framework of the strategy.

Whether you choose to focus on the big overall strategy or start further down with a project strategy, Delegate’s IT consultants can lend their experience and know-how, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

digital transformation begins with the strategy

Your company’s overall strategic goals are not only important on paper. They are your compass and must ensure that you get the most out of the company’s resources. That is why it is so important that your strategy and objectives are well thought out and that you have considered a number of parameters:

  • How will you reach your goals?
  • What resources does it require?
  • Which technologies and systems should support the journey?
  • Where do you start?
  • How do you ensure success?
  • How do you formulate a plan that gets you to the finish line?

The answer is simple:

You do so with solid professional advice from an IT consultant who gets access to the very engine room of the organization. At Delegate, we call this service Strategic Advisory. We help you understand how to achieve the company’s goals and what the journey should look like. And one thing is for sure: IT is guaranteed to be part of the journey!