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Edge to Cloud (IoT)

Build a scalable IoT platform that utilizes cloud technology to efficiently connect and maintain your assets while enabling the collection of data streams for deeper insights.

End-to-end Edge-to-Cloud IoT Solution

At Delegate, we are experts in harnessing the power of the cloud to derive valuable insights from your organization's IoT data while ensuring real-time processing at the source of the data. Our expertise lies in the complete process: collecting, processing, and analyzing data from edge devices, such as sensors and smart devices, followed by transfer to cloud services for further analysis and storage. We provide you with an end-to-end Edge-to-Cloud IoT solution and offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes hardware, software, and data analytics capabilities.

What problem do we solve?

Edge devices and gateways: We offer a range of edge devices and gateways optimized to collect and transfer data from sensors and other IoT devices.

Access to data: Using cloud-based services to store, process, and analyze IoT data can provide real-time insights both internally and to customers.

Security: Ensure the entire IoT ecosystem, from edge devices to cloud servers, is secure, reliable, and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Integration: Offer various integration services to help customers seamlessly connect their IoT devices and data to existing IT systems.

Analytics: Offer advanced data analytics capabilities that help customers gain insights into their IoT data and take actions based on those insights.

Manual processes: Can be reduced by utilizing patterns in data and integrations.


With an IoT solution, your organization can increase efficiency and productivity by automating processes, reducing errors, and improving overall business performance. Your business can achieve savings and increase profitability by monitoring and optimizing the use of resources such as energy, water, and materials. An IoT solution can help improve the customer experience by offering real-time insights and personalized services. It can also support the development of new revenue streams by enabling the creation of new products and services. Finally, an IoT solution can facilitate better decision-making by giving your organization deeper insights into your operations by analyzing data from IoT devices.

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