Azure: Build modern applications in the cloud

Native Application Development

We are developing new applications, products, and platforms using the latest technical best practices to deliver change and innovation.

Customized software solution in Microsoft Azure

At Delegate, we accelerate your business results and digital transformations with superior software solutions that maximize the capabilities of Microsoft Azure. We utilize modern, design-driven, agile development methodologies incorporating cutting-edge mobile, web, cloud-native architectures, and open-source technologies.

We focus on developing new applications, products, and platforms that utilize the latest technical best practices to drive change and innovation at the pace digital businesses require. We prioritize building scalable software that can be easily supported and further developed.

What problem do we solve?

We solve the challenges of complex business rules, rapid change, and new initiatives that often place demands that standard software solutions can't meet. Internal teams often need external assistance to scale, accelerate, and acquire new, essential skills. Additionally, we know that existing applications built on outdated technologies or architectures can be a barrier to innovation and an impediment to implementing new features. At Delegate, we focus on modernizing development operations, applications, and user experiences so your organization can adapt to ever-changing technological demands.


Our cloud-based solutions accelerate and support your organization's digital transformation, and the use of cloud and container technologies helps reduce your IT operating costs significantly. As an organization, you gain comprehensive management and operation of cloud PaaS services, ensuring applications run smoothly and efficiently. With our in-depth experience and expertise in Azure, you are always assured of high quality and a fast time to market.

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