The Capital’s Emergency Preparedness unifies processes
They needed to combine the methods of four old companies into one unified system – they did so with Dynamics 365.
The Capital’s Emergency Preparedness

Automation and alignment of processes in Dynamics 365

The Capital’s Emergency Preparedness (CEP) has since the merger of 4 separate fire brigades in 2016 been responsible for all call outs on emergencies in the capital area.

An amalgamation is inherently complex, and for the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness it has also presented challenges in the daily reporting of emergencies and tasks performed.

The Capital’s Emergency Preparedness therefore needed unification and to combine the methods of the 4 old companies into one unified system: ERS (Emergency Reporting System).

The challenges ahead of the ERS

Prior to ERS, reporting was largely a manual process. Firstly, it was inappropriate because it is time consuming and simply meant that the employees did not have the time to solve other important tasks. In addition, there is always a risk of manual processes being handled differently by different employees with errors and omissions as a direct consequence.

The primary purpose of ERS was therefore to improve the user experience and reduce the time consumption associated with the daily reporting.

We had a running solution prior to our new Emergency Reporting System (ERS). The challenge was that the previous solution was not the same all the way around the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness, as it is a collection of several municipal emergency services, which have previously had different local methods and processes. There were therefore several manual work processes, which we wanted unidirectional and partially automated. ” – Christian Falberg Goth, IT manager at The Capital’s Emergency Preparedness.

The start of modern IT solutions in the cloud

With the ERS the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness were facing a major IT project that had to bring together and optimize the organization’s processes. They had a desire to be a forerunner in relation to work processes and IT among emergency services in Denmark. Therefore, it was only natural that ERS should be a cloud solution.

Dynamics 365 is the foundation of the solution that draws on the Power Platform as an integration engine between the Danish Emergency Management Agency’s reporting system (ODIN) and the alarm center’s disposal system.

ERS takes the raw data from the disposal system and converts it into reports in Dynamics 365. The user thus only needs to fill in the remaining data for the reporting to be complete and can be sent to ODIN.

Behind the solution is a complex business logic, which should match the logic that lies in ODIN. The result is more user-friendly reporting, where large parts of the process have been automated.


New processes – new habits

Optimization doesn’t come easily. It takes willpower and real effort to implement new habits.

This has also been the case with the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness, where the solution should bring together 4 different ways of doing things.

“ERS is of great importance for the work processes, which for many had to be changed when we went from the local processes to unidirectional for the overall of the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness. It is clear that a lot of work must be done to implement new processes in the business, to ensure quality in data and at the same time ensure that it does not give a disproportionate administrative burden in the business.”Christian Falberg Goth, IT manager at the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness.

ERS is a high-priority area, and the system has therefore from the start had a fixed, dedicated resource in the form of Data Manager Günay Usta, which is also part of a newly created BI & Analysis function as a result of the project.

The value in overall processes 

ERS is already clearly showing its value.

Firstly, the employees at the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness spend far less time on reporting, but at the same time they have far better opportunities to provide more detailed reporting on what tasks have been performed, what equipment was used, what objects were involved (buildings, animals or similar) and contribute with a concrete assessment of the task and the background for the emergency response.

This gives the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness the opportunity to expand their own reporting needs in relation to the general requirements from the Danish Emergency Management Agency. But it also means that the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness collects data that they can utilize for further optimization of the organization and their work processes.

“In addition to removing a number of manual error sources and unifying processes across the organization, we have achieved a much easier approach to our emergency data, and can therefore involve more people from the business side, so it is no longer limited to our Data Manager. In addition to the statutory data, which must be shared with the Danish Emergency Management Agency after an effort, we now have the opportunity to automatically receive additional data from the systems as well as manual processing of data from Effort Leaders and Team Leaders after the end of the effort. It gives us a really good opportunity for closer follow-up, and it makes us able to spot trends and thereby initiate specific focus areas for the business. ” – Christian Falberg Goth, IT manager at HBR.

By using Dynamics 365 as an integration engine, the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness has all data available in the cloud. This means they can leverage data elsewhere in the business. In their case, they can now oversee their emergencies, and they can use PowerBI to gain insights that were previously unthinkable.

“Structured data has enabled us to implement a PowerBI solution at the top of ERS, and thus use our data for even more business development and data-driven management. Of course, this is only possible because we can build on top of structured data.”Christian Falberg Goth, IT manager at the Capital’s Emergency Preparedness.

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