Digital platform for The Financial Services Union in Denmark

The Financial Services Union in Denmark (Finansforbundet) has gotten a new market-leading career universe  – Delegate has developed CMS for the platform.

Financial Services Union in Denmark

New market-leading career universe

The new initiative is called ‘Worklife Investment Universe’, and includes a digital platform that delegate, in collaboration with Think! Digital has developed. Think has been in charge of UX and design, while Delegate has been in charge of developing the cms.

The Financial Services Union in Denmark (finansforbundet) is the union for employees in the financial sector in Denmark. With the new career universe, Finansforbundet will now become an even stronger partner for its members and ensure digital business development. Among other things, the digital universe contains career-exploratory exercises and the opportunity to make a career plan. In this way, the dialogue is both enhanced and more nuanced between the members of the consultants of Finansforbunde

”With the Worklife Investment Universe, Finansforbundet is in a stronger position to support its members in developing their competencies and career so that they are still sure to have a place in the financial labor market or the labor market in general. The development of the digital universe and digital business development was, therefore, a very important project for us,” says Senior Project Manager at Finansforbundet, Jesper Randbæk Christensen

A positive and educational process

The development of the universe has been a both interesting and intensive process, where the production of content, design and development have been in parallel. Delegate’s consultants have, according to the Worklife Investment coordinator at Finansforbundet, Anne Agerbæk, distinguished themselves by their great focus on learning, which is systematized in ongoing evaluations-the so-called sprint reviews. The ongoing reflection during the process has resulted in not only a good result despite the tight deadlines, but also a positive process, says Anne Agerbæk. And also a process where the management of the work process has meant that people could maintain their balance in their working hours. At the same time, it has been a positive experience to deal with the positive and negative experiences along the way, rather than after the completion of the project.

Delegate’s consultants are, in the words of Anne Agerbæk, professional, interested and accommodating. They succeed in creating the impression that everyone involved is in a single team, working towards one shared purpose. The consultants also maintain a positive mindset, which ensures a good atmosphere even during periods where everyone is pressed for time.

Necessary with specialised competencies


”Delegate’s consultants quick managed to familiarise themselves with the needs ofFinansforbundet, and to understand what the final product should be. The professionalism and technical competencies of the consultants have contributed to generating a very confident attitude throughout the development process. We are therefore very satisfied with our collaboration with Delegate,”says Jesper Randbæk Christensen.

According to Anne Agerbæk, the consultants’ specialised competencies have been critical to the realisation of the project. “Delegate’s consultants combine highly specialised IT competencies with knowledge of how businesses work, and they know the importance of communicating with all stakeholders,” says Anne Agerbæk

The collaboration with Delegate is of great value to The Financial Services Union in Denmark

The challenge with the task at Finansforbundet was to ensure the functionality across several different systems, which were in different SharePoint versions at the same time. At the same time, the users of the site had lost confidence in the systems due to crashes and lack of reliability.

“I am sure that we will see a large amount of benefits from the solution that Delegate has developed: Far fewer errors and far fewer crashes,” says Consultant at Finansforbundet, Jim Hemmje.

Well-liked partners & trusted advisors

Delegate’s consultants have in a short time managed to restore confidence in the system, says Consultant at Finansforbundet, Jim Hemmje. He emphasizes that it is a huge plus that Delegate’s consultants sit on site at Finansforbundet, as it gives them the opportunity to have a direct contact with the end users. Delegate’s consultants are at the same time very well-liked and respected by everyone in the house. This has made a difference in the processes of the project because it has facilitated collaboration with the site’s various stakeholder groups.

Jim Hemmje highlights the consultants’ ability to work agile as one of their greatest strengths. For example, they have been good at prioritizing between the tasks, and at scaling up or down on the details of the solution depending on the Danish Financial Services Association’s wishes and needs. This has been important because it was necessary to develop parts of the solution ad hoc. In this context, Delegate has been an extremely flexible partner, says Jim Hemmje.

According to Jim Hemmje, Finansforbundet is very happy with the collaboration. Both because Delegates consultants do a good job, but especially because they manage to be advisors. “During our collaboration, I have increasingly allowed myself to rely on their good advice.” says Jim Hemmje, “Partly because Delegate’s people are insanely talented, but mostly because Delegate’s consultants have a very high integrity in relation to what they do. They would rather say no to a task than solve it poorly. ”

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