Webinar: Lead-2-cash, 3 on-demand webinar sessions 

Lead-2-cash, 3 on-demand webinar sessions

Does your company take full advantage of Microsoft Dynamics, Teams, and the Power Platform? Do you know how they work together and how they can lift your sales processes so you are activating far more employees and ensuring a better bottom line?

Over the course of 3 × 30 minutes lessons, you will get the knowledge you need. We will show you how you can make use of the tools you already have available. The webinar will be about collaboration, external dialogue, and insight. Our starting point is what we do best: Microsoft platforms and helping you. Watch the webinar and get even more value out of Dynamics, Teams, and the Power Platform.

Watch or re-watch the webinar, where we look at how you can take advantage of the opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Teams, and the Power Platform?

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